Toile Returns!

Toile 2014

Last year was the inaugural issue of Toile Gift Guide for Crafters and I’m excited to bring it back for another installation – but this time, with a little twist! With so many ideas, tips, gift ideas and giveaways I want to be sure that you have time to soak in every bit!

InspirationLast year’s Toile was published as an e-magazine. This year, Toile will come to you as a daily series of blog posts featuring holiday themed projects and more. This will give me the chance to dive deeper into each tutorial and answer any questions you have. During the month of November, Damask Love will be your go-to stop for holiday crafting and more.  I hope to see you there! The fun will get started this Sunday, November 2nd.

GiftIdeasIf you are wondering what to put on your wishlist this holiday season, I’ve got you covered. Each week, I’ll be sharing my top gift picks across a variety of categories. I’ve narrowed my picks down to a select few items that are my absolute favorites. Be sure to stop by each Monday to find out what I’m loving.

GiveawaysOne of the biggest reasons for this year’s new format is that there are giveaways…lot’s of giveaways! So far, I’ve got about twenty different giveaways in the pipeline and there are still more in the plans! This means there will be a ton of different chances for you to win. Are you excited yet?


I’m so excited to partner up with some of my very favorite companies and brands for this year’s Toile Holiday Gift Guide for Crafters. I’ve reached out to the brands I love most to have them be participate… so you can rest assured that if they’re a part of Toile, it’s because I love them…so bad! Here’s a peek at who’s going to be a part of Toile (and this isn’t even the complete list!)

SponsorLogosI hope you’ll come hang out with me during the month of November for all the awesome content I have planned. Let’s make this holiday season the craftiest ever!




Gold Vinyl Candle Wraps

Gold Vinyl Candle Wrap with Cricut Explore | Damask Love Gold Vinyl Candle Wrap with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

There is one sure fire way to make me buy something. Make it in gold. I will buy it. Every single time. Ordinary stuff becomes awesome when it turns gold. Just like death and taxes – this is just a fact of life. Gold makes everything better. Looks like the folks at Cricut caught wind of this strategy and they are wooing me in with their new gold vinyl. And it worked. I’ve got some in my possession and I’m using it to make beautiful things. Like this candle wrap – which is super easy to do.

Gold Vinyl Candle Wrap with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

Since the Cricut Explore will do all the work for you, you don’t need many supplies for this project. The candle topper cut out is jsut sa little something that I designed to fit over the top of my handmade candle. If you have die cutting supplies, you may be able to create something similar. If not, I’ve got a download for you!

Gold Vinyl Candle Wrap with Cricut Explore | Damask LoveGold Vinyl Candle Wrap with Cricut Explore | Damask Love{1} Select a pattern or background from Design Space that you like and cut it out. I chose the “Square Design Pattern Overlay.” To create a wrap for your candle, you’ll want to “weld” together the pattern overall to create a continuous pattern. My candle jar measures 12″ in circumference, so I created two 5 1/2″ patterns, which together would cover the entirety of the candle jar.

{2} Once the pattern is cut place the vinyl transfer tape over the pattern and rub so that the tape adheres to the gold vinyl

{3}  Peel up the transfer tape. The gold vinyl pattern will stick to the tape leaving the adhesive side of the gold vinyl exposed and ready to be placed directly onto the glass candle jar.

{4} Use the red lines on the transfer tape to evenly apply the gold vinyl pattern to the glass jar. Rub the surface to make sure the gold vinyl sticks well.

{5} Peel back the transfer tape and your pretty gold vinyl pattern will be stuck to the candle jar.

Gold Vinyl Candle Wrap with Cricut Explore | Damask Love


Gold Vinyl Candle Wrap with Cricut Explore | Damask Love


And if you’re curious about making candles, you will love just how easy it is! All you need is a microwave and a few specialty candle making supplies. I am no stranger to candle making! It’s a go-to gift project around here. A  few years ago I invested in candle making supplies from Brambleberry and I haven’t had to restock since! They last a really long time. Visit THIS blog post for some visuals on making your own candles.

Gold Vinyl Candle Wrap with Cricut Explore | Damask LoveDo you love it or do you love?! That gold vinyl adds such a regal look, don’t you think?

This post was completed as part of Round 4 of the Cricut Design Space Star competition. For more Cricut Explore inspiration, follow the #designspacestar hashtag on instagram where lots of other talented craft pushers are sharing their own creations!


DIY Autumn Decoupage Pumpkin

DIY Decoupage Autumn Craft Pumpkin | Damask Love DIY Decoupage Autumn Craft Pumpkin | Damask Love

I am that girl.

The one who twiddles her thumbs until pumpkin season comes around…and when it does….bank account beware. I will buy all the pumpkin things. All the muffins. All the scones. All the waffles. All the cheesecakes. All the lattes…and I don’t even like lattes. You get the point.

I will also craft with pumpkins. Gladly. Turns out Michael’s Craft Stores is giving me the perfect excuse to craft with pumpkins. Their #trickyourpumpkin campaign is running until October 31st and you have the chance to win a $250 gift card along with lots of goodies from Plaid Crafts. Michael’s asked me to help them out and give a little pumpkin inspiration, so I’m gonna do just that! This project is easy, but oh so pretty. It’ll be a great addition to your Thanksgiving decor – because who said pumpkins are just for Halloween?!

DIY Decoupage Autumn Craft Pumpkin | Damask Love

The craft pumpkins at Michael’s are available in traditional orange as well as an ivory color. I picked up an orange one …then used some white spray paint to give it a clean makeover.. Next it was time to add something pretty:

DIY Decoupage Autumn Craft Pumpkin | Damask Love
DIY Decoupage Autumn Craft Pumpkin | Damask Love

Decoupage is one of the easiest ways to make something impressive without doing much at all. Just slap on some glue and lay the shape on top. There is really no way to mess it up.

DIY Decoupage Autumn Craft Pumpkin | Damask Love

Now it’s time for you to #trickyourpumpkin! The contest ends on October 31st so you have a few more days to post your pumpkin creations to instagram using the hashtags #trickyourpumpking and #sweepstakes. I’ll be posting mine and can’t wait to see yours.


How to Add DIY Flair to Pre-Printed Cards

Add some DIY to Pre Printed Cards and Journals | Damask LoveProject-Ranking-Format

I remember when I was like…22. Even though that was only a couple of years ago (yeah, right!) I had such a different perspective. I imagined that one day I’d be married with kids and I would be that mom who baked homemade cookies for no reason and sewed Halloween costumes by hand. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is still some likelihood that I’ll do those things, but I don’t expect it will be common practice around here. Tollhouse makes a damn good cookie and when it comes to Halloween costume, it’s probably better that my kids are spared the sounds of Mom spewing four-letter words at the Singer.

Such is my yearly battle with holiday cards. I’m fully capable of making them by hand – but do I really want to? When you’re a die-hard DIYer, it can be really tough to relinquish control but sometimes it must be done.This year, I am glad to relinquish control because Shutterfly has got my back. Their holiday stationery is totes adorbs and there are a million different styles to choose from…and to satisfy my need to DIY, I’ve come up with a few super simple ways to add some handcrafted goodness to their designs. It’s a win win for everyone! Add some DIY to Pre Printed Cards and Journals | Damask LoveApparently, sequins are all the rage in craftworld right now – so why not add them to your pre-printed holiday cards. You can order any of their cards with a Shimmer Pearl finish and several of their designs are available with foil stamping. With all that glitz, it only makes sense that a few sequins join the party. Just a dab of craft glue is all you need to strategically place a few sequins. Don’t go overboard – four or so will do. Just enough to add some texture and sparkle!

Add some DIY to Pre Printed Cards and Journals | Damask Love


This “Gorgeous Bracket Christmas Card” design features a foil stamped sentiment across the front, which really pops against the black and white photo. I adhered a few gold sequins, which you can pick up from any craft store. When your friends open up the card, they’ll get double the sparkle and a bit of dimension as well.

Add some DIY to Pre Printed Cards and Journals | Damask LoveWhen I saw this Holiday Flurries card, I knew that it was perfect for a little  sequinizing. Yep. Just made that up. I adhered silver sequins to the center for a few of the falling snowflakes and that was it. Oh – and in case you are wondering – yes – that photo is of an actual child…not an imaginary fairy from the planet “Beautiful.” She’s a friend’s daughter and is pretty much the cutest,smartest and funniest little girl you ever did meet.

Add some DIY to Pre Printed Cards and Journals | Damask LoveAdd some DIY to Pre Printed Cards and Journals | Damask LoveNow for some twine time. I designed a few of my own cards that fit in with my love of crafting. The Beautiful Bow flat notecard was perfect. The kraft background and handwritten letters make for a very “crafty” feel…and of course there is that twine bow which is perfect. To add some dimension to the bow, I decided to cover it with a bit of real baker’s twine. It’s a simple addition but gives some texture to the card and it fits right in.

IMG_8943To keep the twine in place, just use craft glue. That’s it! When you’re done, the twine will look like it belonged there all the time. I love how I was able to extend the tails of the bow to cascade down into the photo a bit. It’s the little things.

Add some DIY to Pre Printed Cards and Journals | Damask Love

Add some DIY to Pre Printed Cards and Journals | Damask LoveThis next little project is all about notebooks – and you know how much I love a notebook! Shutterfly offers a ton of notebooks and journals that you can personalize with monograms and photos. With the holiday season upon us, I was drawn to the Woodgrain Monogram Journal. The simple design is perfect for year round, but the design is also perfect for a little holiday DIY-ing.

With all the making of lists and checking them twice – I thought it’d be great to add a pencil loop to the notebook. You’ll love how easy this is. You’ll need a piece of elastic that is 1/4″ – 1/2″ in width. You can find this at any fabric store.

IMG_8930Add some DIY to Pre Printed Cards and Journals | Damask LoveWith the pencil loop adhered, I decided to add some sparkle to the front cover using my trusty Martha Stewart glitter glues – I never leave home without em! I just traced the wreath image with green and red glitter to give this journal a festive holiday look. So quick So easy. So satisfying to my DIY soul.

Add some DIY to Pre Printed Cards and Journals | Damask LoveAnd there you have it! The solution to getting your holiday cards done – but also satisfying that need to do something handmade! Now we can all sleep at night.

This post was sponsored by Shutterfly. I received product, payment or both in exchange for sharing my creations and my honest opinions with all you crafty peeps! I hope you’ve been inspired.

Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 20

Easy Paper Peppermint Gift Tags | Damask LoveProject-Ranking-Format


I guess I’m on a candy kick. Last week it was candy corn and today is a lesson is peppermint candy. Much like candy corn, I don’t particularly care for peppermints, but I can appreciate how cute they are, which is all that really matters, right?

Todays Easy Like Sunday Morning lesson is a little more “technique-y” than usual but I think y’all can handle it. No, I know you can! Chances are you already have the materials you need for this project so let’s get started because once you get the hang of this – you’re gonna love it. I promise.

Easy Paper Peppermint Gift Tags | Damask Love

An important tip about supplies: For your sanity, you’ll wanna use a 2″ circle punch for this project. It’ll make your life a lot easier.  You’ll also need a ruler, pencil – and if you have it – a self-healing mat that has a grid on it. 

Now that we have the logistics figured out, let’s start the tutorial!

Easy Paper Peppermint Gift Tags | Damask Love

{1} Punch a 2″ red circle – simple enough, right?

{2} Now, use your ruler and gridded mat to draw lines down the center of the circle, which will divide the circle into four equal quadrants. Not too tough – it’s like you’re back in geometry class.

{3} This step requires a little attention – Use the circle punch and insert the circle as shown. You’ll want to punch the circle again so that the top of the circle punch touches the middle of the circle where the two lines cross. Make sense? If not…

{4}…this is what you should have when you complete step 3. Hopefully it makes a bit more sense now.

{5} You can discard the lower portion of the circle, we’ll only be working with the piece pictured.

Easy Paper Peppermint Gift Tags | Damask Love

{6} Okay! You made it this far – you’re almost there! Now, insert the moon shaped piece into the circle punch as shown. You want to use the center of the circle (where your pencil lines intersect) as a guide. Your punch should pivot at this intersection.

{7}…see what I mean?

{8} Continue pivoting and punching using that center point as a guide, until you have four punches. It’ll look like this.

{9}PHEW! Did you do it? If so, you’re home free! Next you just have to punch a 2″ circle from white cardstock and adhere the red pieces as shon.

{10} Adhere all four until you get the look of a peppermint.
Easy Paper Peppermint Gift Tags | Damask Love{11} Last up – punch a white oval…

{12} …then cut with the decorative scissors as shown.  These pieces will be adhered to the sides of the peppermint with glue.

Have you stuck in there with me through this tutorial? I hope so! It definitely is a teensy bit more complicated that most Easy Like Sunday Morning posts but I know you can handle a challenge!

Easy Paper Peppermint Gift Tags | Damask Love

Easy Paper Peppermint Gift Tags | Damask Love

Easy Paper Peppermint Gift Tags | Damask Love

Easy Paper Peppermint Gift Tags | Damask LoveI’d love to hear from you on this project! Will you give it a try? Let me know!