Cricut Design Space Star Finalist


Remember THIS project? Welp, I entered into the Cricut Design Space Star competition and it was selected as one of the Top 10!

Stakes are high in this competition…

  • If the Gold & Leather Office Supplies project wins this round, the project will be available on Cricut Design Space for you to download and make the project yourself, which would be so very awesome.
  • Also, the winner of this round win $1000 dolla dolla bills, y’all and advances to the final round where five designers will create an over-the-top project using the Cricut Explore, where one person is crowned Cricut Design Space Star and wins $10,000. Yeah – you read that correctly. $10,000. How nuts would that be!?! I’m already dreaming about what I could to create for that final round! It’s gonna have to be something amazeballs.

ClickheretovoteThe winner will be announced next week so fortunately there isn’t much waiting. Patience is not one of my virtues! You can vote HERE, once every 24 hours so if you would like to send more than one vote my way, that would be great!

And before I head out, I should share with you the latest deal being offered on the Cricut Explore. They are offering a bundle that includes four rolls of iron on (which you know I love) for $269.99

Thanks friends! See you soon with another awesome tutorial!


Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 17

DIY Easy Felt Bows | Damask Love

Project-Ranking-FormatThe nursery is coming along. We spent yesterday removing all of the craft room shelving and patching any holes in the drywall. Most of my crafting supplies are currently housed in big boxes, which means quick and easy projects are my go-to. Even if you offered me a million bucks to find my paper trimmer, I don’t think I could do it! Luckily, today’s installment of ELSM requires very, very few supplies and even less know-how. If you can use a pair of scissors and a ruler, you can make these incredibly adorable bows.

DIY Easy Felt Bows | Damask Love

DIY Easy Felt Bows | Damask Love{1} Pinch together the center of the 2.5″ x 4.5″ piece of felt. If you want, you can use the glue gun to secure the felt in this position.

{2} Cut triangles from the center and ends of the 1.5″ x 6″ piece of felt.

{3} Pinch the center of this strip as shown.

{4} Wrap the smallest piece of felt around the center and secure with hot glue.

DIY Easy Felt Bows | Damask Love

DIY Easy Felt Bows | Damask LoveDIY Easy Felt Bows | Damask Love

DIY Easy Felt Bows | Damask Love

I’m sure you can come up with a million ways to use these bows! I’d love to hear how you would use yours! For gift wrap? Hair bows? Holiday decor? Share your idea in the comments to keep us all inspired!


The Mystery Box Sale is Back!


UPDATE: All Mystery Boxes have been sold! Keep scrolling though because there are still several stamp sets that are available and ready for a new home!

The craft room is in the middle of a serious overhaul which means there are a buttload of brand new and very gently used crafting supplies that need a new home!

It’s time for a Mystery Box Sale! If you’ve been around for these, you know how it works. I pack up a big ‘ol box filled to the brim with awesome supplies and send them off to you. This time around, each box has been packed up with lots of love and even more crafty goodness. Each box contains about $250 worth of supplies and they can be yours for $39 , shipped! Keep scrolling for all the details.


IMG_2822 Untitled-3Untitled-4…and there’s more!! I also clearing out a ton of my stamp sets and dies from Papertrey Ink. These are sets that just aren’t getting much use. These are priced to move! The condition of the stamp sets varies, so read the descriptions to get an idea of what you’re getting. I’ve made an effort to note any staining on the stamps, but all stamps are very much usable! The sets are packaged in CD cases, some of which are cracked.

Keep in mind:

  • descriptions are my best attempt at giving you an accurate expectation of the condition
  • descriptions only describe stamps, not the CD case
  • shipping is $1.50 per stamp set
  • if you purchase multiple sets, they will all be shipped together


  • Send an email to damaskloveblog{at}gmail{dot}com stating the stamp set(s) you wish you purchase
  • I will respond with availability,  confirm your order and send an invoice
  • Once payment is received, the stamps are all yours and will be on their way within 48 hours.


  • On My Couch: light  staining on two images, the rest unused


DIY Gold & Leather Office Supplies

DIY Stylish Gold & Leather Office Supplies with Cricut Explore | Damask Love DIY Stylish Gold & Leather Office Supplies with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

Downloading fonts.

Cutting coupons.

Wandering the back to school aisles.

If I had to guess, I’d say that these take up about 30% of my life…probably more, but I refuse to admit it. Recently, the back to school aisles have been calling my name. It’s the same story every year when fall comes around. I just can’t say no to pretty notebooks, pens and office accessories. I just can’t. I know you have the same problem. I know it.

Thankfully, my penchant for DIYing means I can make most any of those pretty back to school products right here at home…and today I’m doing just that with the help of the nifty Cricut Explore. I’ve had my machine since January and I’ve used it way more than any other electronic cutting machine I’ve owned. And I’ve owned them all. My favorite feature of the Explore is the huge range of materials it’ll cut…including leather. Yep, leather. Thick leather, too!

With my love of school supplies in mind, I used my Explore to create a duo of super stylish notebooks and a monogrammed leather business card holder. I can’t wait to hear what you think of these pretties.DIY Stylish Gold & Leather Office Supplies with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

{1} Since the Cricut Explore will cut your .svg files, I designed one of my own. Once I created the cut file, I uploaded it to Cricut Design Space  and cut it from tooling leather, which is a firm leather that you can find at your craft store. The Explore offers a ton of custom settings and one of them is for “Thick Leather.” I used this setting along with my deep cut blade to cut through the leather.

{2} With the cut finished, I wanted to open up the tiny holes along the edge of the leather. I used a small hole punch to poke these out.

{3} Last up, I stitched the two panels together with some bright pink embroidery floss.

DIY Stylish Gold & Leather Office Supplies with Cricut Explore | Damask Love



I added a simple leather monogram to the card holder. This particular monogram measures about 3/4″ high. I was really happy with how the machine cut a leather shape this small.

Now of course, I could not leave well enough alone and stop there. Usually once, I start Cricutting, I don’t stop. This time around, I pulled out my favorite: gold glitter iron-on. I keep at least three rolls of this stuff on hand at all times. No joke. I decided to use it in an unexpected way …DIY Stylish Gold & Leather Office Supplies with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

Not sure if I’m the first to think of this…and I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner, but I’m oh so happy I did! The adhesive from the iron-on glitter works beautifully on paper, making it really easy to create a full sheet of glittery polka dots like this one.

DIY Stylish Gold & Leather Office Supplies with Cricut Explore | Damask Love How to create notebooks with perfect binding | Damask LoveYou can follow THIS tutorial to learn how to add a colorful elastic closure to your finished notebook. It’s easy. I love how these neon elastics pop against the kraft and gold notebook cover.

DIY Stylish Gold & Leather Office Supplies with Cricut Explore | Damask Love


And now that you’ve created these pretty notebooks and card holder, you may be in the mood to make something for holding everything. I’ve got you covered. Check out the monogram pencil pouch tutorial from the archives!

ClickHereMonogramBag1DIY Stylish Gold & Leather Office Supplies with Cricut Explore | Damask Love


Crib Meets Craft: Inspiration



I wasn’t sure if I’d do it, but after lots of emails and questions I decided I would. Most days you’ll come here to the blog for a crafty tutorial, but there is so much more going on over here…namely baking up a baby. For the last few months I’ve been carefully planning out the nursery space, and I’m gonna share this not-so-little project with all of you.

We are already so in love with this little guy, I think we’ll go ahead and let him stick around for a while…which means he’ll probably need somewhere to sleep and eat. I think we can handle that. This nursery is far from your typical baby room. Here’s the thing, we live in a condo in an area that we absolutely love. My commute is super short. You can sneeze and hit 30 different restaurants. The post office is down the street. I can walk to the grocery store. Oh…and Starbucks is a stone’s throw away. It’s awesome. Which means we do not want to move. Not now. Not ever! Condo living does come with it’s sacrifices, though.

Until now, our second bedroom has served as a craft room/guest room. You can check it out HERE. The time has come to renovate this room into something more baby friendly…but I still need space for completing all my blog work. Over the years, Damask Love has become a huge passion of well as my second job. This means, I’m not ready to give it up.

Enter Crib Meets Craft. My creative solution for combining baby with blogging. The space is going to be fun and functional, colorful and creative…and I can’t wait to share the process with you (and of course the finished product)! I’ll be posting my projects here along and you can also follow along on Instagram where I’m using the #cribmeetscraft hashtag. You can also visit me on my Crib Meets Craft Pinterest board to see what’s inspiring me. Here’s a look at some of my favorite pieces for the #cribmeetscraft room:

Final-Introducing-Crib-Meets-Craft-Mood-Board1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 67 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

Of all the pieces that I’m planning to have in the room, I am most excited for that rocking chair and the new crafting furniture! I can’t wait to get them all here and start putting everything into place. In the meantime, I’ve got lots of shopping and planning to do. If you wanna see the play by play of this project, come visit me on Instagram…and if you find yourself in Miami, feel free to hit me up and come over to put together some furniture! ha.