Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 29

Easy Conversation Heart Boxes |  Damask Love Easy Conversation Heart Boxes |  Damask Love

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it may bear repeating: Conversation hearts are gross. They taste positively yucky. Bleh.

They are pretty darn cute though, which is why I made these boxes. They are easy, adorable and if you eat them, they probably taste better than the real thing.

Easy Conversation Heart Boxes |  Damask Love

I have officially added iron-ons to my stash of paper crafting tools. They work just like stickers – just add heat with an iron  and since you can customize them with your die cutting machine, you have tons of options for creating fun saying on your heart boxes. I’ve created a few that you can use now with your Cricut Explore…or create your own!

Easy Conversation Heart Boxes |  Damask Love

Easy Conversation Heart Boxes |  Damask LoveEasy Conversation Heart Boxes |  Damask LoveEasy Conversation Heart Boxes |  Damask Love

Easy Conversation Heart Boxes |  Damask Love


5 Reasons you need…


So, maybe I’m the only one who has a nasty habit of treating the floor like it’s one big shelf – but I think there are a few of you who may also be guilty. Usually, I toss paper, envelopes but truth be told – everything is fair game. When I recently redesigned my craft organization I knew I had to give everything it’s proper place and maximize every inch of space I had available to me. I was able to nestle my Urbio system in the back of my closet which gave me even more storage for crafting items like pens, notebooks, paper, envelopes and scissors. With customizable storage like Urbio, I’m able to organize even the smallest items and save them from their fate on the floor.

twoaLet’s be honest. When you are an avid crafter, your craft stash changes monthly as more and more product is released. It’s hard NOT to be indecisive about your organizational approach with so many frequent changes. Thankfully, Urbio is made for wishy washy organizers like me. One day I may need organization for my markers – but next month I may need to find a home for my new collection of adhesives. Urbio is a magnetic, modular system that can be switched around in seconds, making for very easy changes. You can also add on base plates as your collection grows. The system is made to change with your needs.

As good as I am at indecision, carpentry is definitely NOT one of my strengths. I make an effort to stay far, far away from any organizational tools that require lots of assembly or home improvement know-how. I can use a screwdriver and drill – that’s about it. Thankfully, Urbio is super easy to install. You just need to screw the base plate into the wall and from there you just place the magnetic containers where ever you want them to go. Easy. I installed my Urbio in just a few minutes. four

By far, my favorite feature of the Urbio system is that you can take the containers off the magnetic base and bring them over to your work space. This means that you can pretty much install the Urbio base plates in any location that you have available. It doesn’t necessarily need to be installed right over your desk. You can tuck it away, out of sight but still have access to everything it’s holding. I keep my Urbio in the closet, but when I’m crafting at my desk, I just grab a container and bring it over. Then when I’m done, it goes right back and I have a clutter free workspace.

I don’t know about you but I am completely obsessed with Shark Tank. I love watching entrepreneurs pursue their dream and I love it even more when they strike a deal with one of the sharks. Urbio is a Shark Tank success story which makes me root for them so much more! You can read the recap here. Clearly the sharks saw how awesome this system is and I’m pretty sure you will too. It was originally designed as a wall garden, but I can see so many more uses – especially for us crafty folks!Untitled-3


I’ve yet to see Urbio go on sale and quite frankly, when they are doing so well, I’m guessing they don’t need to offer any discounts…but the awesome people at Urbio are offering a great deal to Damask Love readers who order and use the code DamaskLoveGC15. How great is that?! Here’s how it works:
You can receive a $15 Urbio giftcard for every $100 you spend at on the Urbio website.
  • Spend $100-199 and receive a $15 gift card
  • Spend $200-$299 and receive a $30 gift card
  • Spend $300 – $399 and receive a $45 gift card, etc.
The coupon code will expire in three weeks (start Jan 22 end Feb 12 11:59p EST) and the gift cards issued from this promotion will be good for 90 days to expire May 12, 2015. Reader who use this coupon code can expect to receive the gift card (via email) within 48hrs of their qualifying purchase.



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Gold Foil Made Easy

Gold Foil Made Easy with Martha Stewart | Damask LoveProject-Ranking-Format

Welp. Looks like the gold foil trend ain’t going anywhere people. While I sit here dwiddling my thumbs, waiting not-so-patiently for the release of the Heidi Swapp Minc Foil Applicator Machine, I’m here to tempt you with yet another way to add gold foil.

The Learn with Martha crafting kits are perfect for beginners because each kit contains everything you need. You can pick up these kits at Michael’s but they are going fast! Here’s a look at how I used my kit to create impressive stationery and pretty packaging.

Gold Foil Made Easy with Martha Stewart | Damask LoveI mentioned that the kit will include most everything you need so here’s a closer look at what you’ll use:

  1. Pre-folded cards. The kit includes several different vibrant cards that are ready to use. No scoring required.
  2. Gift box (this is not included in the kit…I have some on hand that I frequently use for packaging handmade stationery)
  3. Foiling sheets. The kit includes gold and silver foil sheets
  4. Rolling stick – this will help you apply the foil evenly
  5. Adhesive designs – these are hard to see but basically, they are pre-made designs that are completely adhesive on both sides. Here’s how it works:

Gold Foil Made Easy with Martha Stewart | Damask Love

  1. Peel the blue backing off the adhesive design
  2. This will reveal the design with one of the adhesive sides exposed.
  3. Apply the design to your surface and rub into place with the rolling stick to be sure that the entire design in applied.
  4. Peel back the clear backing to reveal the design
  5. Apply foil and rub with stick
  6. Rub the entire design and you’ll start to see the design come through the foil. This will ensure that you’ve properly applied foil to the entire design.
  7. Peel back the foil to reveal your foiled design
  8. All done!

Gold Foil Made Easy with Martha Stewart | Damask Love


In addition to the stationery box, I used my kit to make a few simple but elegant thank you cards. I love how the gold pops on the bright cards.Gold Foil Made Easy with Martha Stewart | Damask Love

Gold Foil Made Easy with Martha Stewart | Damask Love


So, if you’re in the mood for some simple and easy gold foiling, stop by your local Michael’s!


Head of the Class 01


This was the first year that I couldn’t attend the Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show in Anaheim, CA – which meant I was glued to Instagram and following along with all the awesome product that was being released.  I kept my eyes on the goods and now I’ve got a roundup of my very favorites. I’ve already spent about eleventeen thousand imaginary dollars on all the things I want!

1. We R Memory Keepers Template Studio: Mini is cute but giant is awesome. That’s pretty much the premise behind the We R Memory Keepers Template Studio. If you are familiar with the Envelope Punch Board, the Pillow Box Punch Board or the Gift Box Punch Board – imagine being able to make these  – supersized! The Template Studio allows you to use a large cutting mat and templates to create oversized gift packaging. You can even make a jumbo candy box! On top of all this, We R also offers huge sheets of 22×24″ patterned cardstock that you can use with this system, and the patterns are so cute and trendy…gold foil polka dots, anyone? Take a look at this video from Craft Test Dummies to see the Template Studio in action.

Scheduled Release: available in April 2015

MSRP:$79 for the Template Studio Starter Kit; $4.99 for 22×24″ cardstock; $19.99 for each additional template

2. Stick It! Double Sided Adhesive: If you are familiar with die cutting, you know what a pain it can be to apply adhesive to delicate and intricate die cuts. It’s tough to apply the adhesive and nearly impossible to do it neatly. The Stick It! double sided adhesive is essentially a thin sheet of adhesive sandwiched between two easily removable sheets of film. You peel off one side of the film, adhere your paper or cardstock and then die cut it as you usually would. Then once the paper is cut, you peel of the other side of film, revealing the adhesive. It’s so simple and so genius. Here’s a look at the product being used by the creator, Ken Oliver. I’m especially happy that this product works well with electronic die machines, which means I’ll be putting it use with my Cricut Explore.

Scheduled Release: available now!

MSRP: $7.99 for large sheets; $5.49 for handy sized sheets

3. Heidi Swapp Minc Foil Applicator:  I am obsessed, in love and completely gaga for the Minc Foil Applicator. It’s bordering on stalking at this point because I cannot wait to get my hands on this tool. A few months back I showed you guys how to DIY your own stamped laser foil stationery and now that the Minc is coming to market, the process of laser foiling just got a bajillion times easier. The machine trumps your typical desktop laminator. It accepts paper up to 12×14 and has several heat settings the make sure you project comes out perfectly. The Minc will run all sorts of materials including vellum and chipboard! Heidi has also designed a huge collection of embellishments that are just waiting for you to customize with your choice of 11 metallic foils including rose gold and mint! I’m not kidding you when I say that I’m in love with this machine …I already have about ten project ideas in the pipeline that use it…so brace yourself, people…I’m about to be a foiling fool up in here.

Scheduled Release: shipping in February

MSRP: $149.99 for the Minc Foil Applicator machine; $9.99 for 10ft rolls of foil available in 11 colors; $4.99 for assorted pre-designed embellishments including treatbags, notecards, gallery prints and more.

4. Heidi Swapp Marquee Love: There is no shortage of DIY marquee letter tutorials on the interweb. The only problem is that most of them require some sort of carpentry and power tools. Um…no thank you ma’am. I have come accustomed to my ten fingers and I’d like to keep them attached to my body. Fear not fingers! Heidi Swapp Marquee Love to the rescue. These adorable letters and symbols come in a kit with everything you need to spell out your monogram, your business slogan or your very favorite curse word! The marquee kit includes a string of lights to bring the 8″ tall letters to life and the letters can be customized with glitter, cardstock or tape since each kit includes a tracing template. I’m planning to dress up my desk with a few marquee letters of my own…I just have to figure out what to spell out! Any suggestions?

Scheduled Release: available now at Michaels

MSRP: $14.99 for Marquee Love kit

5. Seven Paper: I am terrified of scrapbooking. That 12×12″ piece of paper just stares back at me…mocking my lack of scrapbooking ability. With a newborn, I’d love to organize all of the photos and keepsakes in a pretty way but memory keeping has never been my forte. Seven Paper has pretty much solved all my scrapbooking woes.  The system is simple. It’s modern and its pint sized. The 4×4″ handbooks make memory keeping much more approachable for a scaredy cat like me. The collection are curated to perfection so it’s easy to select embellishments that coordinate since all the work has been done for you. I’m particularly partial the Baxter collection – can you say swirly gold alphabet stickers? If you’re wanting to dip your toes into the world of memory keeping, Seven Paper is a great option for getting started.

Phew! So there you have it. My five picks from the CHA trade show. Is there anything that you are loving from this list? It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner crafter, seasoned crafter or occasional crafter – these faves will get your creative mojo going. Now go forward and go for broke. I’m gonna need some company while I empty out my wallet!

Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 28

Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask LoveI’ve learned a few things over the last six weeks:

1. There is nothing that makes you feel more awesome than quieting a fussy baby and getting him to fall asleep. It’s a superpower and I’m slowly mastering it.

2. Every Saturday at 3am, MTV shows back to back reruns of Saved by the Bell. I’m rekindling my romance with Zach Morris during nightly nursing sessions. Also – Mr. Belding needs to grow a pair and stop being such a pushover.

3. You can get a lot of crafting done with one hand…like these ladybugs which I created, in part, while holding a baby in my lap. Yeah. I should probably get an award or something, right?

I’ll spare you the one-handed tutorial for these cuties. Instead, I’ll show you how simple they are when you have both hands available to you.

Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask Love

I have several heart punches but I love the Heart Confetti Punch from Martha Stewart because the itty bitty hearts are two different sizes and are great for little projects – and of course, they are great for making confetti which might be the perfect filler for those handmade valentine’s you are working on.


Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask Love

Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask Love

As will all my paper punch projects, you can use these embellishments in a bunch of different ways. You could add little antennae to these with pipe cleaners or even googly eyes…but you won’t see me doing that here. I am decidedly against googly eyes. I really dislike them. Who has eyes that move around like that? Creepy if you ask me. Anyway…back to this project…with V-day around the corner, I used them to create little valentine mason jars filled with a sweet treat. The finished product is muy adorable.

Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask Love

Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask Love

Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask Love
Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask LoveSupplyListHEader