Uncategorized: 24 Hour Craft Day!

October 7, 2015

Look ma! No cords! Today is my first 24 hour craft day on HSN and I’m excited about it. I’m excited. And nervous. And exhausted (I just got back from spending 3 hours setting up all the yummy crafts that I’ll be showing on air). If you’ve never tuned in for 24 hour craft day […]

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DIY: Googly Eyes Hard Clutch

October 6, 2015

nom.nom.nom.nom.nom.nom.nom.nom. That’s the sound of me eating. Eating my words. A big bowlful of em. With a side of sriracha…it helps the taste be a little less bitter. For years, I’ve hated googly eyes. I hated most crafts with eyeballs – and googly eyes are the creepiest. They wobble around in all different directions like […]

Blog: Damask Loves:: Land of Nod

October 2, 2015

Did you see this week’s announcement? Land of Nod is coming to San Francisco …well…sort of. I’m pairing up with Lovely Indeed toย host MiniMakers – a one day creative workshop for kiddos and families…and Land of Nod is partnering with us to make it awesome. Now for the real nitty gritty. This partnership is totally […]

Blog: How to Lose Instagram Followers

October 1, 2015

Everyone is trying to figure out how to be the next big thing on Instagram, but no one is focusing on the real issue. How can you be the best at losing followers. I know…I know…it’s a question that’s been burning a hole in your soul for months. Fret not. I’ve got you. Here they […]

Blog: Announcing MiniMakers

September 29, 2015

Get your party pants on…and by “party pants” I obviously mean your crafty pants…because Damask Love is teaming up with fellow blogger extraordinaire Chelsea of Lovely Indeed to host a bang up workshop for kids and families. Friends, I bring you…drumroll, please…Minimakers! You see, just under one year ago, Chelsea and I were pregnant. Both […]