Cricut Design Space: Thank YOU!


Did you hear the news? I won Cricut Design Space Star…which means I’m taking home $10,000 in prize money! How awesome is that?

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you to all the people who voted for my Playroom in the Sky project and put up with all my campaigning! I truly appreciate the support and I’m still riding a huge wave of excitement!

Second, let me give you guys a few tips and truths about what happens when you win $10,000:

  • When you find out that you’ve won $10,000, all people at the airport should beware. I guess I should give you the backstory on this one. On February 9th, I flew into Salt Lake City to work with Cricut on a separate project. When I met the Cricut team members outside of the airport, they said “How would you feel if we told you that you just won $10,000″…I’m sure you can imagine what happened next. There was screaming, jumping hugs…and a teensy bit of potty mouth. I also ran up to random strangers telling them, “I just won $10,000.” There is video evidence of this. I’m still embarrassed for myself.
  • When you win $10,000 you will have no clue what to spend it on, but you will come up with lots of ideas. You will probably spend $500,000 in your imagination as you think of all the possibilities.
  • One of the possibilities for your $10,000 is buying the Chanel handbag that has been on your wish list for years. But then the following happens: While in Salt Lake City, I had the chance to hang out with the one and only Anna Griffin. We were talking, shooting the sh** and the following conversation went down:

Anna: Congratulations on your win!

Amber: Thank you! I still have no clue what I’m gonna do with the money but I keep thinking about getting a Chanel handbag

Anna: No. Chanel will always be there. It’s not going anywhere. Chanel will come…

Amber: That is great advice. You are totally right. I’ll feel much better about investing the money in myself and my goals for Damask Love. 

Anna: …and as a matter of fact, how would you feel about a gently loved Chanel tote? I have one that I haven’t used and would love to send to you. 

Amber: ummm..uhhh..

Anna: Just write down your address and I’ll get it out to you when I get home.

Yes friends. Anna Griffin sent me her beautiful Chanel tote. How kind and generous and awesome is that?!

  • So, as promised to Anna, I’ve already started investing the prize money into some really great improvements to the blog. Stay tuned over the next few months to see what I’ve got up my sleeve!

Thanks again, friends for your love, support and kind words. You are awesome. But I already knew that.


Head of the Class 03: Craft Organization


At this point, I consider myself a bit of a craft organization guru. After assembling a craft closet and craft room that works for me and Markus, I think I’ve testing out every single organizational solution on earth. So here are a few of my must haves:

1. These drawers are super sturdy which means you can pull them out without working about them warping or cracking. The Large Drawers are great for holding stamp sets as well as inkpads. If you take a look at my craftroom post, you’ll see exactly how I put them to use in my Martha Stewart Craft Hutch.

2. I search high and low for these babies. If you are a stamper, you are all too familiar with the never-ending plight of decent storage for your stamp sets. These storage pockets are perfect for smaller 4×6 sets but what about those larger stamp sets? Welp, problem solved. These 6×9 poly envelopes are great for larger sets like this one from Wplus9.

3. Life without a label maker is no life at all. Ever since I picked up this one, I’ve been labeling ever damn thing in sight. No kidding. Curl up with a good movie and get to it. Is that a pathetic way to spend your Friday night?

4. Clear top tins are a great way to organize your little odds and ends. I have a bunch of them filled with eyelets, paper clips, safety pins, sequins and all the other randoms that we crafty people seem to acquire. These tins come in a variety of sizes, so just pick whatever works for your drawer space. You can even store them vertically like I did in this project.

5. Do you own more ribbon spools than you have fingers and toes? Yes? Then you should get some of these. These drawers hold tons of large ribbon spools as you can see in this post, and they are also perfect for organizing envelopes too. You can stack them easily as well, which is a great plus!

Now go forth and organize!

Crib Meets Craft: The Room Reveal

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask Love

You’ve already seen the closet and now it’s time to see the rest. If you haven’t already visited the Home Depot blog – you should take a trip over there to see the before and after photos of the Crib Meets Craft space. Once you’ve done that, come on back for a more detailed look at all the elements that make this room so special and so functional.

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask LoveIf you’ve read THIS post, you know that this room used to be a guestroom/craftroom that housed our big green sofa bed. That has been replaced with a sleek, acrylic and wood crib that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. Originally, I wanted a crib that was all acrylic, but Andrew kept telling me it looked like a fish tank. On the wall just across from the crib is my workspace.

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask LoveThis rocker was one of my biggest wishlist items for the nursery. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it on the NurseryWorks site.  With the addition of the aqua floor pouf from Land of Nod, this little corner of the nursery is ready for late night nursing and lots of story time sessions.

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask LoveAndrew keeps making fun of me because I refuse to let up on all the wall art in this room. I just can’t leave a bare wall! Just above the rocker, I designed this trio of simple, graphic prints that coordinate with the colors of the room. I love how they look.

Now if we head over to my workspace, you’ll see even more fun art prints!

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask Love

My Martha Stewart Craft Desk takes the place of my old Ikea furniture and I am loving it…and can we talk about this acrylic chair. It coordinates perfectly with the acrylic on the crib.

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask Love

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask LoveI wanted to place some colorful artwork in the room, and found a huge print from Ikea for a great price. As for each of those four pieces around the large print, I designed them myself! Each one features a fun, graphic, crafty image with a color name beneath. They work perfectly for the crafty theme of the room and their kid-friendly as well!

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask Love

I wanted to keep the desktop clean and uncluttered, but it still needed to be functional. The Cubby Cups from Land of Nod are a great way to store lots of pencils, rulers and other tools without taking up a ton of desk space.

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask Love

These paper suitcases are another functional addition to my desktop. Inside, I store all of the acrylic blocks that I use for stamping…and I have quite a few of them! They are a great pop of color but also serve a great purpose. Double duty. Love that.

The Martha Stewart craft desk houses two deep drawers that hold a ton of supplies. For the sake of keeping things organized, I picked up a selection of Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers and arranged them within the drawer to fit my needs. Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask Love

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask LoveI love that I can keep my scissors tucked away and organized by size! I also added some wrapping paper to the bottom of each drawer for an added pop of color. It’s an easy and cheap way to add color to your space.

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask LoveNow, when it comes to my craft storage, the star of the show is most definitely my Martha Stewart Craft Hutch and Three Drawer Flat File Cabinet. If you’ve never seen one of these in person, let me tell you this: these things are deceptively massive! They don’t really take up a huge footprint but man oh man, do they store a ton! The drawers pull out completely allowing you to use every single centimeter of space inside.

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask Love

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask Love

Inside the hutch, I store all of my stamps, ink and dies.  I keep them all organized inside of THESE awesomely sturdy Linus Cabinet Organizers.

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask Love

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask Love

The sturdy pull handle on the cabinet organizers make it very easy to grab my stamps and put em to work.

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask LoveOn top of the hutch, I’ve placed three cookie jars which are filled with odds and ends that didn’t have a home. I spray painted the jar lids to match the room and I love the pop of color that they add.

Crib Meets Craft: Nursery & Craft Room Reveal | Damask LoveNow, that wraps up my coverage of the Crib Meets Craft room – but be sure to visit the Home Depot Apron Blog for a ton more photos of this space, including tutorials on the DIY projects I completed in the room!

If you have any questions about this room or the products I used, just ask in the comments! I’ll make sure to give you all the details you are looking for.

A huge thank you to Home Depot for their support in making this room happen and allowing me the opportunity to share this space with all you crafty moms out there! An additional thank you to Land of Nod for providing the beautiful accessories that make this room so special.

All nursery furniture is available through NurseryWorks and Babyletto. The crib is this space is the Harlow 3-in-1 Crib, the changing table is the Hudson Changer/Dresser and the rocker is the Empire Rocker from NurseryWorks in Oatmeal/Dark Wood

Photos by Osiris Ramirez Photography

DIY Conversation Pencils

IMG_2228 Project-Ranking-Format

We’ve already know I don’t love conversation hearts – but conversation pencils, I can get behind those – and they are so easy to do. Now, you will need a Cricut Explore to make these, but if I haven’t already told you, you need to have one.



  1. Apply vinyl words to pencil with transfer tape and rub firmly with your finger to make sure vinyl is securely in place.
  2. Peel back transfer tape by turning it completely back on itself. This will make it easier to take off the tape smoothly
  3. Done!






Ombre Glitter Treat Bags

Ombre Glitter Treat Bags | damask love Ombre Glitter Treat Bags | damask love

This time last year I gave you THIS glitter post. It was pretty epic, if I do say so myself. I think we can all agree that Valentine’s Day and glitter were a match made in heaven, which is why I’m back today with another post sponsored by the glitterati. And it’s super easy. And muy adorable. And you should probably make two or ten for your friends.

Ombre Glitter Treat Bags | damask loveJust like last year’s post, Scor-tape is a must have for this project. It adheres to fabric beautifully and securely. Just rub it firmly into place and it’s gonna stay put.

Ombre Glitter Treat Bags | damask love

  1. . Apply a strip of 1/2″ scor tape around the bottom of the muslin bag.
  2. Apply a second strip just above the first (and then a third strip)
  3. Peel off the first strip of scor tape
  4. Sprinkle on glitter
  5. Rub glitter firmly into place with your finger then shake off the excess
  6. With the first strip done, remove the second strip and repeat.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 until all three strips are glittered. You can use any color you want, but I love the look of ombre here.
  8. Stamp your favorite Valentine’s greeting!

Ombre Glitter Treat Bags | damask love

Ombre Glitter Treat Bags | damask love

Ombre Glitter Treat Bags | damask loveOmbre Glitter Treat Bags | damask loveOmbre Glitter Treat Bags | damask love

Ombre Glitter Treat Bags | damask love

Ombre Glitter Treat Bags | damask loveSupplyListHEader