DIY: Damask Loves:: Lovely Leathers

August 28, 2015

 I’m having a leather crafting moment. Want proof? Check out both DIY projects from this week. Leather and leather. And then there were these. And these. And these. Like I said, I’m having a moment. Here’s the thing with leather. You can buy the real deal and eat delicious salty ramen all month, or you can […]

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DIY: Damask Love Comes to Texas!

August 27, 2015

Damask Love is coming to Texas! Fort Worth to be exact and I’m showing up with nail guns blazin’! It’s time to party it up DIH style. This round, we will be building this outdoor serving station, which is surprisingly easy to construct. Stay tuned for my customized version of this project that will definitely […]

DIY: Leather Tassel Keychains

August 25, 2015

Ever made something with every intention of gifting it to a friend – then you sort of, maybe fell in love with it a little too hard and decided that you might not part with it? Decided that your friend probably doesn’t need it anyway? Decided that a Starbucks giftcard would do just fine? Well, […]

DIY: DIY Two-Toned Leather Tassels

August 24, 2015

On any given day, how many “oh, I could make that” moments do you have? I probably average 2.2 “I could make that moments” a day. They usually happen when I’m shopping in an overpriced store where they are shilling bookends for $365. In those moments, a curse word or two may slip off my tongue […]

DIY: Tropical Stationery with MFT Stamps

August 20, 2015

It all started with cards. That’s where the blogging bug bit me – and clearly, it bit me in a big way, because here I am years later, plugging along. If there are any of your who’ve been reading Damask Love since the beginning, I would love, love, love to hear from you! For those […]