Toile in Review: Week 3


Another week of Toile is in the books and we still have more to go! I hope you’re enjoying all the projects and gift guides each week. As always, here’s a round up of this week’s projects all in one place for you…and if you keep scrolling you may just see your name amongst this week’s winners!CreativeBloggers

WeeksWinnersAnother week of winners! Each winner has been contacted, but let’s send a big congrats out to Carmen who won the “Blogging is my Jam” tee from Jossie Posie and to Angi who will receive the blogger resource library from Chronicle Books, which includes Blog Inc., Craft Inc., and the Craft Inc., Planner! Kimberly is going to receive the Jo Totes Camera Bag (yay!) and Mary has won the Seattle Chocolate Company prize package! Last, but not least, congrats to Evette who will receive a prize package from Add A Little Dazzle! Phew – another big week of winners and if you can believe it, there is still one more week to go!

If you haven’t already entered to win the Cricut Explore - you still have a few days – and be sure to stay close to Damask Love this week because there are some AWESOME and exclusive Cricut Explore Black Friday deals that you will not want to miss.

Finally, be sure to grab up your Let’s Make a Date stamp set! They are almost gone – I can’t believe how quickly they are selling! I’ll be sharing more calendar projects in the coming weeks and with the new year upon us, it’s a great set for handcrafting gifts for friends.


Let’s Make a Date Stamp Set

How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange


Of all the holiday parties – cookie exchange parties are king . An excuse to celebrate the season, hang out with friends and get hopped up on sugar. Obviously the getting hopped up on sugar is the real winner. If you’re not convinced that a cookie exchange party is the way to go, well sit tight and buckle in friends because I’m about to walk you through the crafter’s approach to cookie exchanging. I collaborated with my girl Kori Clark to create an pretty sweet collection of printables that will make it easy to handcraft your own party…and to make this party even easier to create, I cut each of the printables using the Print Then Cut feature of my Cricut Explore. With the Explore, I was able to knock out all the elements of this party in about two hours. That means you really don’t even need to start assembling this shindig until the day of – which is perfect for my sisterhood of procraftinators out there.

How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask Love

  • Paper invitations for the win: Unless you know something I don’t, you’ll want to invite some people to your party. Otherwise, you’re gonna be sitting around by yourself staring at a pile of cookies …and that’s just really awkward. But hey – I don’t know how you roll. For a handcrafted party, you gotta go with paper invitations. That’s how real crafters do it, right? Thankfully, the Explore makes it easy to mass produce invitations that rival anything you’d find at a stationery boutique. How cute are those cookie images that Kori illustrated! The scalloped edges and cookie cut-out shapes on this design are as simple as Print, Cut & Done. If you tried to cut these out yourself…well…bless your heart. And your thumbs.


  • Personalize It: Of course, you’ll need to add your personal party details to the invitation printable. This is very easy using Cricut Design Space. Just upload the printable design, then use the Text function to type in the details of your party. Then make sure to “flatten” the text so that it is printable. Next, select both the text and the design and click “Attach.” This way they will print out together as one piece.
  • Cookies Please: It’s not a cookie exchange unless your guests bring cookies, right? So be sure to instruct your guests to bring a few dozen of their favorite recipe. I suggest six cookies per guest, plus another one to two dozen for sampling. So, if you’re expecting 10 peeps, each person should bring six or seven dozen munchies.
  • Recipe Please: You’ll also want to have the recipe for each cookie at the party. Ask your guests to email their recipe to you a few days ahead of time…and if they tell you it’s some secret family recipe from Great Grammy Jojo…tell them they’re uninvited. And put coal in their stocking.
  • How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask LoveKeep it Simple: Keep the decor simple…because anything too elaborate means your sanity may well go flying out the window. I remember when I die-cut 65 snowflakes for a party. I think I’d rather sit on a cactus that do that again. Each of the decorative elements for your cookie exchange party can be created on your Explore in just a few minutes…and while the Explore does the work, you can bake up some cookies. Or take a nap. I vote for the nap. A simple chalkboard sign can go a long way to adding pizzazz to your party without the work or assembly of a traditional party banner. Here’s what I mean:
    ChalkboardMadeEasyHow to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask Love
  • Give Credit: Make sure every cookie is labeled…with an adorable label of, course. For these labels, I printed some onto paper before cutting them out with my Explore and also printed a few onto Printable Vinyl which made it simple to peel and stick them directly onto a glass apothecary jar. The writing function of the Cricut Explore made it so fun and easy to personalize the labels. I love how the machine can do so many things! How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask Love How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask Love
  • What’s your name again?: Be sure that all your guests get to know each other…in style. Forgo traditional name tags for something a little more festive and fitting with the theme. Considering this IS a cookie exchange afterall – howsabout some personalized aprons for each guest! You can grab aprons from your craft store and they’re pretty inexpensive (a pack of three will usually cost you about 6 bucks)…and while you are there, snag some printable iron-on material. You can use the printable iron-on with your Cricut Explore’s Print Then Cut feature. The great thing about this is that the Explore will cut your design out precisely, which means no excess edges around the image. Once ironed on, it’ll blend seamlessly into the fabric and look more like a screen print.

How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask Love How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask Love

  • Friendly Competition: What’s a party without competition and a little opportunity for some good ol’ fashioned trash talkin’? Print and cut some of these adorable ballots that will let your guests vote on their favorite cookies. We’ve even got labels that you can use to quickly create award ribbons for the winners. Each winner gets bragging rights all year long.

How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask Love

How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask Love How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask Love

  • Get ‘Em Crafting: Since this is a handcrafted cookie exchange, why not get the guests involved in a little crafting of their own? Set up a little packaging station so they can carry home their cookies in style. It’s also a great way to package up leftovers as gifts for other people who couldn’t make the party. I printed out the “Enjoy” label onto Printable Sticker paper and added a few more packaging goodies like baker’s twine, ribbon, gift boxes and waxed tissue paper.How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask Love How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask Love

How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask Love

  • …but you gotta get the he** outta here: That’s the whole point of party favors, right? To remind your guests that it’s time to get going?! I kid, I kid. You’ll want to send your guests off with a little somethin’-somethin’ but considering they are already leaving with a buttload of cookies, there is no need to go overboard in the party favor department. Lucky for you, I’ve come up with something simple, cute and totally useable…a mini recipe book filled with all the recipes served at the party! Remember when you had everyone email you their recipe? Well, take those and print them four to a page, then assemble them into a mini recipe book. Totally cute and totally functional. The Print Then Cut cover for this recipe book makes it even easier to assemble.HowToMakeRecipeBooka
  1. Print Then Cut the Recipe Book cover image and adhere to a 4.25 x 5.5″ piece of patterned paper. You’ll also need to print out quarter-page sized recipes to include in the recipe book
  2. Punch two holes in the top of the recipe book
  3. Attach all the pages together with twine and round the corners using a corner rounder tool.

How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask LoveDid you have a good time at our little cookie exchange party? Are you ready to host your own? If so, you can head over to Kori’s blog to pick up all of the printables for this soiree. Her illustrations brought this party to life and will definitely do the same for yours!

How to Handcraft a Cookie Exchange | Damask LoveVisit for the downloadables of each of these images in the Cookie Exchange collection!


Design Inspired: Holiday Recipe Tin

Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Recipe Tin | Damask LoveRifle Paper Co. Inspired Recipe Tin | Damask Love

My mom has a tin of handwritten recipes in her kitchen. They’re all tattered and soiled with drips of molasses and smears of vegetable oil. They usually come out every holiday season when we make way too much cornbread stuffing. I love the idea of handwritten recipes, but with resources like…uh…the internet, it’s rare (read: totally unlikely) that I would sit down and write out a recipe. It just ain’t happenin. But what if I had a really pretty recipe box. Yes! That is the solution! If I had a really pretty recipe box, created just for my most special of recipes…then I would have an excuse to handwrite some of my favorite recipes that I love so much. In that case, today’s post is right on time.

I was inspired by THIS adorable recipe box from Rifle Paper Co. For around $10 in consumable supplies and my beloved Cricut Explore, I was able to recreate the look of the recipe box, with a holiday twist.

Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Recipe Tin | Damask Love

The how-to on this project is embarrassingly simple – I almost didn’t include any step-out photos at all! I simply printed a bunch of floral images onto Printable Vinyl and cut them out using the Print Then Cut feature of my Explore. I downloaded the floral images from Creative Market and uploaded the JPG files into Design Space. Since Design Space allows you to use your own images, you really have no limits on the sorts of graphics and illustrations you can work with.Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Recipe Tin | Damask LoveOnce you’ve arranged the vinyl cut outs onto your tin, you can add a label to the top. I simply printed out a “Holiday Recipes” label and then cut a label holder from gold metal sheeting…yeah you heard me…my Explore cut through metal. Get excited people.

Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Recipe Tin | Damask Love

Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Recipe Tin | Damask Love

Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Recipe Tin | Damask Love

Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Recipe Tin | Damask Love

Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Recipe Tin | Damask Love

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Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore

DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask LoveDIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

It’s no secret that I love calendars. Strike that. I love making calendars. I’ve been doing it for years on the blog and there is no reason to stop the tradition now! Take a look HERE to see all the pretty calendars from the Damask Love archives.

DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

During one of my late night Pinterest sessions, I came across this pretty calendar by Rifle Paper Co. I knew I could create something similar and that’s when I hopped to it. Sometimes, I create crafts like I’m a superhero being summoned to the job. Like some sort of siren just went off and there’s a craft emergency to be solved. I drop everything I’m doing and start with the making.

This time around, I called on my beloved Cricut Explore. Y’all know I love that thing with a passion. If this house goes up in flames, I’m grabbing the baby…and the Explore. The folks at Cricut advertise the Explore as a machine that allows you to “Go from Inspiration to Creation in just a few clicks.” Well, truth be told – when I first heard this tagline, I was feeling pretty cynical about the whole thing…but dammit…it turns out those people were right. From the time I saw the inspiration calendar, it took me all of fifteen minutes to come up with something similar in Cricut Design Space. It’s incredibly satisfying to make something in such short order…without having to order special dies or stamps for the project. So, let me take you on a little tour of how this pretty calendar came together:

DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask LoveHere’s a rundown of details on supplies. You’ll wanna read this to make sure you understand how all the elements were created:

{1} Twelve 4 x 4.5″ scalloped rectangles cut from white cardstock. These were cut using a design I created and imported into Design Space. You certainly don’t have to use a scalloped-edged rectangle. You could whatever shape you want, but I have a little love affair with scalloped edges. We’ve been serious for quite some time.

{2} Month words cut from gold vinyl.  This is the most labor intensive part of the project. Cricut Design Space allows you to use whatever fonts you already own on your computer, so I used one of my favorite script fonts to spell out the months of the year. I cut them from gold vinyl, which is a great medium for cutouts that are delicate and might otherwise rip or tear if cut from paper.

{3} The vintage floral images are also available through Cricut Design Space. Stationery designer, Anna Griffin has several Print Then Cut designs available through Design Space and these florals are part of her Vintage Florals image set. Just select the ones you want, resize them, and you’re ready to print them out and cut them. I printed twelve floral images onto the Cricut Printable Sticker Paper so that they’d be super easy to adhere to my calendar design.

{4} To add the months of the year to each calendar page, I used the Damask Love Let’s Make a Date stamp set that was released last year! If you’re chomping at the bit to have this stamp set, it’s back and available for purchase in very limited quantity. Visit the SHOP to grab yours.  For more deets on this awesome stamp set, visit THIS post and if you’d like to order be sure you do it now!

{5} Select your favorite ink for stamping the months of the year. I went for Memento Luxe because it’s my current fave.

{6} NOT PICTURED: Since you’re working with vinyl, you’ll also need some vinyl transfer tape.

DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

{1} Stamp each calendar page using “Let’s Make a Date” – if you don’t have this stamp set  yet, keep scrolling! It’s back in stock and ready to come live with you.

{2} Peel away one of the vintage floral stickers…

{3} Adhere the sticker to the calendar page. I stuck mine slightly off the edge of the calendar page.

{4} Use scissors to trim off any of the sticker that extends beyond the edge of the calendar page.

DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask Love{5} Place the transfer tape over the word cutout

{6} Peel the word off of it’s original backing and then place directly onto the calendar page. Rub it well to make sure it adheres.

{7} Peel away the transfer tape and you’re done…and yes…vinyl works beautifully on paper. It adheres just like a sticker would…so go ahead and add it to your arsenal of paper crafting supplies!

DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask Love DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask LoveDIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask Love

DIY Vintage Floral Calendar with Cricut Explore | Damask Love


Introducing: Over the Edge: Merry

HeaderThis is becoming a bit of a tradition I suppose.

Last year, when I launched the inaugural issue of Toile Holiday Gift Guide, I also launched my first Limited Edition Stamp Set – Over the Edge: Joy. The response was great and this holiday season I’m releasing another set that follows that same trend of large, ornate sentiments that make for beautiful handmade stationery. You’re going to love this simple stamp set that can be combined with tons of stamps and dies that you already own.


This stamp set includes a large and small sentiment in a beautiful script font that I am obsessed with! The accompanying words can be coupled with the larger sentiments for a customized greeting. The “be” sentiment is also separate, so you can choose to use it with your design if you’d like.

Of course, I’m gonna give you a look at how this sentiment stamp set looks in action…so let’s get started!


As you can see, the large “Merry” sentiment is designed to fall off the edge of your A2 sized cards. This is one of my favorite looks in stationery but it’s tough (if not impossible) to find stamp sets that allow for this feature. For this design, I heat embossed the sentiment with gold embossing powder then stamped a few holiday poinsettias all around.

What you need:

Over the Edge: Merry // Fiskars Stamp Press // Versamark Watermark Ink // WPlus9 Pretty Poinsettias // Ranger Gold Embossing Powder // Martha Stewart Heat Gun // Embossing Magic // Fresh Ink Pigment Ink in Mojito, Basil, Strawberry, Currant and Mango

What you do:

Rub the entire card fromwith Embossing Magic to decrease static and ensure that embossing powder only adheres to the stamped ink  // Place the large “Merry” sentiment onto the Fiskars Stamp Press and apply Versamark Watermark Ink // Stamp the sentiment onto the front of the card  then sprinkle with gold embossing powder // Shake off excess embossing powder then use heat gun to set the embossing powder // Stamp poinsettias around the embossed sentiment


The large “Merry” sentiment also works for creating a beautiful gift tag like this one. I used the largest shape in the  My Favorite Things Traditional Tag Stax and the size is perfect. Using my Simple Chalkboard technique I created the tag and embossed the sentiment in white. Those little holly embellishments are actually stickers that I created using the Print Then Cut feature of my Cricut Explore. You know how much I love that thing!


What you need:

Over the Edge: Merry Stamp Set // Fiskars Stamp Press // Versamark Watermark Ink// White Embossing Powder // Embossing Magic // My Favorite Things Traditional Tag Stax // Black Licorice Cardstock // Crayola Chalk // Cricut Explore // Printable Sticker Paper // Papertrey Ink To You From Me  stamp set //  Memento Luxe Pigment Ink in Wedding Dress // Martha Stewart Heat Gun

What you do:

Die cut largest tag shape from black cardstock // Rub tag with chalk and then gently wipe away to create a chalkboard look // Rub entire tag front with Embossing Magic // Apply watermark ink to stamp and stamp onto the tag // Sprinkle with white embossing powder, shake off excess and set with heat gun // Stamp “to/from” with white pigment ink


When it comes to quick & easy cards, watercolors are you very best friend! The messier you make it, the better it looks – so you can’t go wrong. For this card, I painted shades of blue onto watercolor paper and then stamped and embossed the sentiment in white. Easy! Just be sure the watercolors are completely dry before you start embossing!

What you need:

Over the Edge: Merry // Fiskars Stamp Press // Swathmore Watercolor Paper // Watercolor Palette // Versamark Watermark Ink // Embossing Magic // White Embossing Powder  // Martha Stewart Heat Gun

What you do:

Paint the card front with watercolors in whatever pattern you want // Allow the watercolors to dry completely. You can speed this along by using the heat gun // Once dry, rub embossing magic all over the front of the card // Apply watermark ink to the stamp and stamp onto the card //  Sprinkle with white embossing powder, shake off excess and set with heat gun


Now let’s take a look at the smaller “Merry” sentiment.  It’s perfectly sized to complement your stamped designs without taking up too much space. On this card, I stamped a simple folkart pattern using two of my favorite stamp sets: Folk Art Florals and Fresh Cut Florals. This took me just a few minutes to stamp out, so it’s a great design for creating mass produced stationery for all your friends.

What you need:

Over the Edge: Merry // Folk Art Florals // Fresh Cut Florals // Fresh Ink in Mojito, Basil, Strawberry, Currant and Chocolate

What you do:

Stamp floral design by first stamping the red center than stamping leaf shapes around  // Stamp sentiment below


And here’s another simply stamped design. Just one layer and some stamps. Again, I pulled out those  Fresh Cut Florals with a few other faves to create a simple holiday motif that is not overly Christmassy. The smaller “& Bright” sentiment nestles perfectly under the word “Merry” – it looks like they were meant to be together, right?!

What you need:

Over the Edge: Merry // Fresh Cut Florals stamp set  // More Fresh Cuts stamp set // Merry & Bright stamp set // Fresh Ink Pigment Ink in Chocolate, Basil, Mojito, Strawberry, Currant

What you do:

Stamp sentiment in the center of the card front // Stamp floral images in whatever array you wish!IMG_0257

Order-YoursIf you want to add Over the Edge: Merry to your stamp stash, go for it! The set will be available in limited quantity and will be restocked periodically, though I can’t be sure if it will be restocked before Christmas. Grab yours now to be sure you don’t miss out.

To order your stamp set you can visit the SHOP page or simply order right here!

Over the Edge: Merry