2013 Hero Arts Catalog Blog Hop

Hero Arts 2012 Blog Hop

What can I say. I’m blog hopping with Hero Arts today and it’s awesome. I generally steer away from the topic of bucket lists…but I’ll be honest, this is on my bucket list. Check.

The 2013 Hero Arts Blog Hop includes a long list of craftygalgeniuspeoplefolks who know how to  make awesome stuff with paper. We’ve all had the chance to play with the new Hero Arts products…which you can find HERE…and we’re sharing our ideas for using these new stamps!

Since I have an obsession with handmade gifts and with Valentine’s Day coming up (did I just say that!) – I thought I’d combine the two and share some really simple projects that would make for really fun Valentine’s Day gift.

Chalkboard Tags Header


The whole set has a sort of “school house” vibe, mainly due to these fun chalkboard tags that I created using the K5661 woodmount tag stamp. With a sheet of black paper, I stamped the tag and embossed it white. To give it a classic chalkboard look, I rubbed each tag with chalk then wiped it off with a paper napkin. This made them look like a used chalkboard! Love that.

Chalkboard Tags Header

To continue the school house set, I created a mini composition book, which I covered with cardstock. I stamped the cardstock with the new Hero Arts Zig Zag background pattern and added a label just like a traditional composition notebook…but way more stylish! I used the new set “Tape Your Message” for the label, and this set is seriously creative with really great images. You can basically stamp your own washi tape – gotta love that! Here’s a peek at the entire set.

Custom Composition Notebook


You could totally stop right here…or you could add one more layer of awesomeness to the set! Conversation Pencils!!! For these, I pulled out an older Hero Arts set: Sweet Hearts. I simply painted the pencils then stamped a few of the sentiments. The sizing of the sentiments in this particular set are perfect for this project! I love the one that says “Tweet Me”



Thanks for hopping by friends! If you’re interested in winning one of several prize packages from Hero Arts, just leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win! Comments will close on Monday, December 17 at midnight PST. And if you’re interested in one more project featuring the newest Hero Arts product, come on over to the Damask Love Facebook page, where I’ve got an exclusive little something waiting for you! (P.S. This is a project that one of my friends told me is way too “ungepatchket” – yiddish for “gawdy”!! The nerve, right!  HA! Come over and tell me what you think!)

Facebook Exclusive Hero Arts Project

Now it’s time for you to get outta here and see what Shari is up to! And remember, if you come across a link that doesn’t work, just go back to the Hero Arts Blog for a complete list of the participating designers!


  1. Jamie Greene on said:

    Love this Project Amber!! Those tags are so cute:)

  2. Cathy on said:

    The chalkboard tags are adorable!

  3. Kristen on said:

    Wow! So fun! I never would have thought of these projects!

  4. Dana N on said:

    I love these!

  5. CraftinSus on said:

    Love the chalkboard tags and the painted pencils with the stamping! I remember having pencils like these with my name on them in grade school. Hmmmm… I think I’ll make my daughter a set for Christmas!

  6. Tessa on said:

    I LOVE the chalkboard feel without it actually being chalkboard! Very creative, as always :)

  7. Judy on said:

    I love these school house themed projects, Amber!!

  8. howdyheidi on said:

    I love the chalkboard look! how fun!

  9. Alli on said:

    Oh I LOVE this!!!!

  10. Terri (blindstamper) on said:

    I just have to say: everything you do seems to have such a classy touch!

  11. Julie on said:

    From one holiday to the next. Those pencils are super cute!

  12. Lizzy on said:

    Such sweet projects! Those pencils are great!

  13. Flo on said:

    You’re the queen of DIY! Thanks for the inspiration!! :)

  14. Dana W on said:

    Looove the tags!!! And how you made them look like a chalkboard!!

  15. Lisaj on said:

    What a cute project! Great job!

  16. what a great idea, I really love the tags!

  17. KathyK on said:

    So cute! Love your technique for making it look like a chalkboard! TFS!

  18. lindsey on said:

    wowza, just found your blog from the studio calico new design team post. excited to have found you! perhaps this project life subscriber will become a card kit subscriber because of you! off to try your chalkboard technique!

  19. Chitra on said:

    Beautiful Amber.. Love your project ideas..

  20. Daria Z. on said:

    LOVE that chalkboard look that you achieved – such wonderful little tags!

  21. Sharon on said:

    I so had to pin this, after I recovered from slapping my forehead in the “why didn’t I think of that” manner. Love, love, love the ‘chalk board’ tags!

  22. Lenny on said:

    Cute projects!
    Adorable tags!

  23. Jocelyn Thompson on said:


  24. VikkiCH on said:

    so clever with the tags & pencil stamping! thank you.

  25. margaretart on said:

    Never saw pencils stamped before! Cute and very clever set!

  26. Laura S. on said:

    Super cute projects! The pencils are my fave! They look adorable!

  27. Barbara M. on said:

    These are so cute!

  28. Brooke U on said:

    Fun project!

  29. Anita on said:

    great ideas, surely something to try out :-)

  30. Kailash on said:

    Very creative project, fun tags!!!

  31. Nancy L. on said:

    Really neat idea!

  32. Dana D. on said:

    What a great and clever idea. Love the new stamps

  33. barbara lassiter on said:

    Love your ideas for use of the stamps. They are really cute and thanks for the tip about the chalk!

  34. Anita Y. on said:

    Love the chalkboard tags ~ what a great teacher gift :)

  35. Jennifer S. on said:

    Fantastic idea! Love the chalkboard look!

  36. Ani on said:

    So cute! I especially like the idea of stamping on pencils with those cute little messages!

  37. Nadège on said:

    Those tags are adorable! Love your work.

  38. Absolutely fun!!! I especially love what you did with the pencils!!

  39. Stacyk on said:

    OMG so cute! I so want to make that composition book. Awesome job!

  40. Verna Angerhofer on said:

    Awesome tags and a cute little journal too and all well designed. That peek looked great to me of that package..not gaudy at all.

  41. KBKB on said:

    I love that chalk technique you used on the tags! I also really enjoy seeing uses for stamps aside from making cards (although I do love that too). Thanks!

  42. Tracey Kuzniak on said:

    Fabulous tags!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  43. HeatherM on said:

    Great idea!! I love the chalkboard tags!

  44. Love your school themed projects, such unique designs!!

  45. cher in MI on said:

    u are so clever! luv this post…and gosh…I can remember back…..must have set once again…gonna cost me lol…but ty for sharing..and a chance. off to make pencils!

  46. Flo on said:

    First, I went over and looked at your facebook page. Gorgeous, not gaudy. (I don’t facebook so I couldn’t tell you there.) I love those pencils, they are so cute. Did you use acrylic paint? The tags are really great too.

  47. Virginia Lu on said:

    LOVE the chalkboard tags, Amber! Totally yummy!

  48. I am totally digging this chalkboard look! Your tags are fabulous!

  49. Jan B. on said:

    cute tags you made with the stamps. In love with the chalkboard look.

  50. Sarah Jay on said:

    That tip about the chalk is fantastic, Amber! It takes the tags from basic to beautiful.

  51. teresa on said:

    Love these chalk looking tags! Such fun project. Thanks for the inspiration.

  52. Maeghan D.M. on said:

    Loving the chalkboard look!

  53. Great projects to make for gifts. love the chalkboard tags.

  54. julie on said:

    Chalkboard tags–what a great idea!

  55. Elizabeth on said:

    I am so happy to have found your site thanks to this Hero Arts Blog Hop. It looks like a fun place to visit! Your projects for today are beautiful and fun.

  56. Marie-Anne Raeman on said:

    love the school tags idea

  57. Great projects for today’s Blog Hop, love the chalkboard tags.

  58. Trudi Wilbur on said:

    Oh these are so cute! Love that little comp book & chalkboard look & what a great idea with those pencils. Thanks for sharing!

  59. what a lovely fun set! Love that soft pink zigzag pattern.

  60. Pat on said:

    These are great!!!

  61. Cindy Arts on said:

    Wow, it actually looks like chalkboard!!! Very, very nice! :-)

  62. Wow Amber, what fantastic projects! Love the fun tags, book and those cute pencils!

  63. Vickey E. on said:

    You are just so creative. Love the painting and stamping on the pencils and the chalkboard look on the tags.

  64. Darcy P on said:

    LOVE this so much! I love your chalkboard tip too! Thanks for sharing :)

  65. Tere on said:

    Pretty cute tags!

  66. Kelly Rasmussen on said:

    oh my…these are too cute! love the chalkboard look!

  67. Debstamps on said:

    Great fun and a terrific project using the new Hero Arts stamps Amber! DIY in style!

  68. Ann K on said:

    What a great concept – paint pencils and add sentiments. Would make a great teacher gift too! Love the chalkboard effect – will have to try that one! Thanks!

  69. Hana on said:

    So cute!! I’ve never thought the pencil can be lovely. I love the color if pink, too!!

  70. Janet Trapp on said:

    Awesome giveaways!! Very cute love the school designs! God bless!

  71. Megan A on said:

    how fun!

  72. Marilyn Bronson on said:

    Love the whole school theme, especially the chalkboard tags.

  73. Amy on said:

    Love the pencils, so creative.

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    Ohmygosh these are adorable! Thanks for sharing :)

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    Fabulous tags! Love the colors!

  76. Leni on said:

    Fun project! Great present!

  77. Now just plain how cute are those chalkboard tags, adorable idea.

  78. pretty cool idea with the black cardstock and chalk! I guess I better get crackin’ on the Valentine stuff!

  79. Laura Norris on said:

    Love it!! The pencils and the composition book??…too cute with the chalkboard tags! You are so creative! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  80. Tina on said:

    Amber, I love your creativity. Chalkboard effect is just amazing.

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    Love how you made the tags look like chalkboards.

  82. Marylynne Middelkoop on said:

    Such creativity! Thanks you for all the inspiration!

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    LOVE! Those chalkboard tags are so sweet, and I love the soft pink on the little notebook!

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    Cute idea! Love your notebook!

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    This project is just too cute! Love your creativity!

  86. pegg on said:

    Definitely have to try this chalkboard technique! Looks sooo cute as tags!

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    Love that chalkboard look! And you just painted the pencils??? And stamped those sentiments on them? Genius!!

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    Love the chalkboard effect!!!!!

  89. Jessica V on said:

    LOVE the chalkboard tags – super cute!!!

  90. Robyn Trimble on said:

    I haven’t sent a post card in years … it’s great to have a stamp that’s fun AND useful. This is perfect to send a really quick ” thinking of you” to someone !

  91. Karina on said:

    Love the tags!Have a great evening.

  92. Lindsey on said:

    I’m in luv with the chalkboard tags, fabulous

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    Love the tags. What a great technique!

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    WOW those are amazing, loving everything I am seeing!

  95. Pat H on said:

    Wow! Stamping on pencils is new to me, and a really cool idea.

  96. Mateja on said:

    Beautiful set. I would love to receive something like that :)

  97. Dixie on said:

    This retired teacher LOVES the schoolhouse look of these projects! Clever!

  98. Robin Walston on said:
  99. Michelle Macpherson on said:

    Awsome project – a great back to school gift!

  100. Pat Kinkaid on said:

    I enjoyed your tags very much!

  101. Ko Ching Yen on said:

    Love the pencils! great idea for valentines <3

  102. CARMEN on said:

    this is great love it

  103. Nichole M on said:

    Love the pencils; what a genius idea!

  104. Sheila on said:

    Tweet me…love it
    what a great valentine gift
    Thanks for sharing

  105. Melanie on said:

    Great ideas for Valentines

  106. Heather Sweet on said:

    Your projects are too cute! Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing!

  107. Sandra ltb on said:

    very fun!
    Sandra ltb

  108. Angel on said:

    fun, I have always loved new school supplies, but you have given them such a cute twist.

  109. ruth tacoma on said:

    LOVE the chalkboard style tags!!!

  110. Kim M. on said:

    Those tags are so cute. Love the chalk board technique.

  111. Carol Perry on said:

    Your notedbook is too cute. And those chalkboard tags are really cute as well. Just love your take on new stamps. You are so creative and out of the box sorta kind of way. Thanks Amber.

  112. Holly on said:

    wow! those are so cute! pink pencils! and the chalkboard look is very nice

  113. sara on said:

    Love your ideas. Great projects.

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    Those tags are so much fun, love the projects you made!

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    Way too cute! Love the composition book & your cute pencils. So fun. Thanks!

  120. Lizzette on said:


    I just love the whole chalkboard style, how unique!!

    Happy Holidays!

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    Love the chalkboard look on the tags and the stamped pencils are so fun!

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    Such wonderful gifts you created

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    Love the tags and the school stuff. So much fun!

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    Your chalkboard project is ingenious. Love the complete look you created. And painting the pencils–who would have thought.

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  126. adele on said:

    Stamping on painted pencils — what a clever girl you are!

  127. eva on said:

    Really beautiful project, and a great way to use those stamps

  128. Deepa Lakshman on said:

    Love the tags you made. Very cute.

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    Wow, what great projects. Love the look of the chalk rubbed chalkboard. Thanks for all your ideas and for sharing them with us.

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    Clever ideas with very cute results!

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    Love the tags and the book! Neat pencils with the stamping!

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    Those stamps are just adorable! And you projects are so cute. Thank you for the inspiration. Take care. :)

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    such cute ideas!

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    Great project ideas. I love the pencils.

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    I really thought they were chalkboard paint tags. Great job, they look awesome! I would love for my kids to bring home these cute gifts for Valentines! TFS :)

  139. Gilda on said:

    What a very cute idea.

  140. Brenda Lubrant on said:

    I am in love with that little composition notebook.

  141. Great take on the chalkboard look! Did you see Betsy Veldman’s beautiful cards recently? Stunning!

  142. Gerrina on said:

    Just love how you used the chalke ink to get a used look! Great idea! The tags look great!

  143. pamela on said:

    Hehe, chalkboard looks are very trendy right now I can see :D

  144. Brenda on said:

    I love the tags – especially making the black paper look like a chalkboard!

  145. Hi Amber, my first time to see your work–love it! I’m new to Blog Hops but been stamping & sewing for a very long time. Now retired, enjoying the great sharing going on–online. Yay!

  146. Deborah on said:

    Those pencils are too fun! Love your ideas.

  147. Kara on said:

    Love the mini composition book. Sweet!

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    Cute project. I really think the painted pencils are so cute.

    Carla from Utah

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    What fantastic projects. Thanks for sharing. Love the chalkboard look.

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    great tags, love the white on black chalk board look
    ava g

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    Love the chalkboard!Great new stamps! Thanks for sharing!

  154. Tricia on said:

    Amber, those tags are so cute and the notebook? adorable!

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    What a fun gift set this is! I love the chalkboard idea…so cute!

  156. stampsalot on said:

    This set takes me right back to my school days. You had some clever ideas. Thank you.

  157. SueinMtVernon on said:

    Such cute ideas!

  158. 12Paws1 on said:

    Very cute.

  159. Congratulations on the check mark on your bucket list :) You really rocked the hop with this adorable set! Those conversation pencils have completely stolen my heart!!!

  160. Sue D on said:

    Fabulous gift set–love the chalkboard tags.

  161. love the whole set but omigosh, those pencils?! I’d never thot to try that! thanx for the inspiration!

  162. m k schmidt on said:

    Great idea rubbing the tags with chalk to make it more authentic looking. Thanks

  163. Kim Chong on said:

    What a great idea for Valentine gifts! Love it! The chalkboard idea is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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    What a great set. You did a wonderful job.

  165. Carol B on said:

    The new stamps are fabulous and I love what you created with them. Thanks for the ideas!

    Carol B

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    Great projects! Love the tags. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. ;-)

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    Very cute!

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    Love the tags. You have given me inspiration.

  169. angie on said:

    i can always use more tag stamps!! very cool the way you did them!

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    How great! I loved all the parts but seeing the pencils was wonderful…must remember that for future use!

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    Cute set and love the tags! :)

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    Oh my goodness…..love those pencils! Never would have thought to do that! Waaay cute!

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    LOVE the chalkboard tags! And that trendy mini composition book…amazefest! :)

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    Stamping on pencils, what a great idea! I was just looking at personalized pencils online yesterday, but they were too much money. I also love the mini composition book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  176. Linda Eilers on said:

    Amber, your designs are delightful. Your trick of rubbing chalk on black paper and rubbing it off for a blackboard look is genius.

  177. Ronda on said:

    That’s some seriously awesome creativity on the schoolhouse theme items. Love the chalkboard tags and the composition book and the pencils (yes I love it all!)

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    such cute gifts. Love those sweet tags

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    Love the black & white combo! Looks like a chalkboard.

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    Loved how you made the tags look like chalkboards. Thanks for the ideas.

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    Such a cute set! Seriously why doesn’t my brain work like yours? I couldn’t come up with these cute ideas if my life depended on it!

  182. K. Le Gallais on said:

    How cute!!1 Thanks for the project ideas!

  183. Brenda on said:

    The possibilities are endless.
    Thanks for this ‘unique’ look at some of the possibilites

  184. Pat Y on said:

    Great tips and ideas.

  185. Barb on said:

    Darling projects, Amber! Love those cute chalkboard tags! :)

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    These make me want to be a student again; well, almost.

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    Great look. Here’s wishing you many more “drops in your bucket”!

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    love the idea amazing.. would have never thought to use “chalk board” very cute!!

  224. Madeline Rains on said:

    I love your chalkboard tags so much! I wonder if white picket fence distress stain would create that look. I don’t have chalk. Very cool idea.

  225. Barbara Albrecht on said:

    Super cute idea! I’m off to see the gawdy project.

  226. Valerie Martin on said:

    Well, well, well, rubbed off chalk on black paper! Brilliant! ;)

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    Great tags and the pencils – woo hoo.

  230. Jean G on said:

    Love your tags. What fun for teachers.

  231. Becky on said:

    Love this! It was unexpected to see a project rather than a card and you reminded me that there are so many great crafts to be done! Thanks!

  232. You ladies are so talented. That idea with the “chalkboard” tags is just great!!! They looked navy blue to me on the computer and now I’m thinking that making them look like jean fabric would look great too!!!!

  233. Laurie in MN on said:

    Did you stamp on the pencils? So cute. I wish my daughter were younger and using pencils so I could copy. The tags are a nice size and look adorable.

  234. Suzanne Watanabe on said:

    Hi Amber!
    Love your ADORABLE chalkboard tags! And the mini composition book is the CUTEST…how AWESOME are these stamps :)
    Thank you for sharing!

  235. chark on said:

    Amazing–love each piece of this set!

  236. Tammy on said:

    one more thing now on the to-do list. LOL. TFS

  237. Kim Warne on said:

    Love the tags!

  238. Kelli W on said:

    Those are such creative ideas! Love the way they all turned out!

  239. Phillane on said:

    My DIl is currently in school to become a math teacher and she would love this set. Oh cool, I think I will have to do this for her. Great inspiration. Thank you Amber
    Happy Holidays

  240. Lori M on said:

    Great used blackboard look on the tags…too good not to try!

  241. Carol Harper on said:

    How imaginative, using that chalk on those tags! And the stamped saying on the pencils! Way to go!

  242. Carol Wilson on said:

    Such great ideas brought together in one sweet set, Amber! Those tags…love… I can almost smell the chalk dust!

  243. Jeanne Dudgeon on said:

    This stop was swell!! So glad to have met your ideas!

  244. Wendi on said:

    Too cute!

  245. Victoria Reeve on said:

    LOVE the entire gift set! Great job!

  246. Linda W. on said:

    What a fun set, Amber! I just love your painted pencils stamped with conversation heart messages – perfect with the new stamps you used on the tags!

  247. Deanna Morgan on said:

    Never would I have thought of this great idea! Wow! Paint pencils and stamp them!

  248. Laura Barrio on said:

    Great tags! Who wouldn’t love to get a present with one of these tags attached to it?

  249. Tags are so IN now and I am loving those tags of yours!

  250. Pat K on said:

    Love the chalkboard tags and the composition book!

  251. Debi K on said:

    I am starting getting into tags more and your are super cute!

  252. SusanE on said:

    What fun projects.Particularly love the tags.

  253. Kim on said:

    I like your technique to make the chalkboard effect on the tags; it’s very realistic. I love the painted pencil idea.

  254. Rita Montgomery on said:

    Wonderful ideas. I have been a fan of tags for years

  255. Farley Cross on said:

    What a sweet idea with the tags and the mini journal. Again with that tweed stamp!

  256. Pam on said:

    Love this stamp set and what you made with it.

  257. Bobbie Brock on said:

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    Katie B.

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    Merry Christmas Amber!!!

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    June in KS

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    Super projects for anytime of year.Thanks.
    I will incorporate some for my grandkids.

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    seriously LOVE your style…awesome projects!

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    Everything you made is awesome. The chalkboard tags are my fav!
    Karen L 1020 at gmail dot com

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  342. Loving all the new tag stamps from Hero Arts! I really like how your tags look like little blackboards—so cute!!

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    Nice chalkboard tags … Love the photography

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    I need personalized pencils like you made to use in my classroom. They’re adorable!

  345. Using chalk on the finished black tag (to get the used chalkboard look) was a brilliant idea!

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    SO simple yet so cute!

  347. Cheryl s on said:

    Schoolhouse theme is fun. Colors soft and subtle.

  348. I don’t have any kids left in school – but I love what you did! Perfect for my teacher friends!

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    What a cute idea for chalkboard tags! Love them!

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    Your projects are AMAZING!! The gift box turned out so stylish! Love how you used this new stamp! :) xx

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    Terri E.

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    Linda D.

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    thanks for sharing

    Barb Housner

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    It’s wonderful how you made the tags look so much like chalkboards! Love the notebook and the pencils, too! Thanks for playing around and sharing your fabulous results!!!

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    Oh Amber, you have the best projects EVER!! Love them, painting and stamping on the pencils is so fun!

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    Be still my heart. PAINTED PENCILS?! You’re too creative! Love these projects! AND YOU USED REAL CHALK! lol ;) No really. I wouldn’t have guessed it could be that easy. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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    Those chalkboard tags are so darling! Even though I’m in college, I would totally use those for gifts. (I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow my schoolgirl nostalgia.) I love how you decorated the notebook; they would make great gifts for anybody because of how well you can customize them.

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    The little book is super cute!

    • Jennifer on said:

      I was so excited I couldn’t even finish my comment before I hit post lol!

      As I was saying….super cute set, love that you painted and stamped the pencils. So clever!

  398. Sheri E. on said:

    I really want to try this chalkboard effect, and you have inspired me even more to get going on it.

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    What a great set of projects! From the “chalkboard” tags to the mini notebook and pencils, all of these would make great gifts. I love it when a stamp does multiple duties and all the Hero Arts releases are really versatile. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    Merry Christmas!

  410. margriet on said:

    What a sweet project, great for schol but even more suitable for the office.

  411. Curt on said:

    Great Valentine project. First time to your blog, and you are very talented and really pretty! Great picture! Best, Curt

  412. Rhonda on said:

    What a great idea for a unique “old school” project with new Hero Arts stamps, Amber – love it!!

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    Barbara H

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    These are really cute and I love that they would be quick to make and have on hand for little gifts.

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    Your ideas are wonderful. Love how you think outside of the box to come up with very unique project ideas. Love how you stamped on the pencils and the chalk board paint tags are wonderful idea. TFS.

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    Love the pencils – what a cute idea! You really have some creative ideas.

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    Cute ideas for using these new stamps & so clever! TFS!

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    Love the black & white combo, and that FB exclusive is divine! That dots stamp is my fave!

  441. What great ideas! the tags do look like used chalkboards – i thought you used chalk paper.

  442. charlsie on said:

    What a cute set for someone. Charlsie

  443. Carol Lewis on said:

    Oh wow! I love your projects – especially I am in the middle of making who knows how many composition notebooks for Christmas gifts right now. I have never thought of painting and then using my own sentiments on pencils. Thanks for the great idea!

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    love, love, love the school theme! your tags and comp. book are just too fab.

  445. Rebecca Ednie on said:

    Those pencils are adorable! So cute!

  446. Kristin on said:

    very nice

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    Oh my, Amber..pencils! You are so creative! Love the stamps that you used & your projects.

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    What a cute and clever gift idea!

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    Great gift ideas. Love the notebook.

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    so cute…great gift idea.

  451. Love the non traditional valentines. Giving me ideas for my kids’ group.

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    wow – those are great tags and pencils… I would have never thought to paint them so thanks for the inspiration =)

  453. Judy1223 on said:

    Amber, this is the most adorable set ever! LOVING the sentiments on the pencils…how very clever!

  454. Leslie B. on said:

    I love your chalk board style tags!

  455. Valorie on said:

    Loving all these ideas, just awesome! Great ideas and love these chances to win!!!

  456. Myoriah on said:

    Wow! I never thought of painting and stamping on pencils. I think I’m going to have to go to the store to buy some for stocking stuffers. Love the tags also and never thought of using chalk and wiping it off the black paper for the chalkboard look. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creative ideas.

  457. Cathy K. on said:

    Love those tags!

  458. Leslie Congrove on said:

    What a cool, school theme! Thanks for chance to win!

  459. Cathy Homan on said:

    Cute idea. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  460. NANCYP on said:

    Adorable gift and so clever. Love these tags.

  461. Xandra on said:

    Really great technique, got to remind this! Beautiful project!

  462. I LOVE your CREATIVE Tags and school themed projects!!THANKS for sharing and for the chances to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  463. What great projects – love the school look! Such versatility.

  464. Brenda A. on said:

    Love your take on the school materials. Thanks for the chance to win, too.

  465. Gail/musesmom on said:

    what a cool take on the tags!

  466. jeannie on said:

    Wow the new stamps are wonderful! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  467. Patricia League on said:

    As a retired teacher, I sure could use this set to make cards for all my teachers-friends.

  468. Robyn on said:

    Love the chalkboard tags! Great job as usual, Amber!

  469. Daria on said:

    As a retired teacher, I can tell you that your tags brought back memories. Cute idea!

  470. Love the way you made these into gifts. Great idea for teachers.

  471. I love tags! Now these chalkboard tags have get to be at the top of my list! How FUN!!!

    ~Vanessa W

  472. Michelle E. on said:

    Adorable projects…love all the wonderful ideas.

  473. Kathy Mc on said:

    Always totally impressed with your projects, Amber, and these are no exception! Thanks for the chance to win.

  474. Lynne Prieto on said:

    Great project…thanks for sharing and the chance to win!

  475. Linda Barnwell on said:

    Hi Amber, I just love, love your creations! The tags are lovely!

  476. NancyR on said:

    This set is so cute! Love what you did with the stamps!

  477. What a beautiful set! Love the tip on creating that chalkboard effect!!! Soo cool :) And the painted and stamped pencils is so amazing!

  478. Pam Lindaman on said:

    oh my, I’m a tag person and I just love these. Love you more is my favorite saying!!!

  479. Mary on said:

    Really neat idea. Great teachers gift.

  480. Debbie G on said:

    Love the tags.

  481. Amal on said:

    beautiful tags!!

  482. helen markee on said:

    like those tags

  483. Carol on said:

    Your chalkboard tags are fabulous! That’s a great idea! I love stamping tags and the new Hero Arts tag set will be such fun! I like the zig zag stamp too!

  484. Kathryn on said:

    Both ideas are very cute! The painted pencils — never would have thought of that. And I like your creativity in making the tags look like chalkboard!

  485. Linda H on said:

    Fun project! Love painting the pencils, never thought of it before!

  486. Janet K on said:

    HOW CREATIVE! wowzers…
    love every.single.detail!

  487. Irene on said:

    Wow! So clever the way that you created the chalkboard look!

  488. Agata on said:

    Wow! You did it just awesome!!! Love your projects!

  489. Great projects! those blackboard tags are awesome, I can’t wait to give that technique a try, because absolutely love it every time I see it!

  490. Jen Rodriguez on said:

    I love the chalk idea. That’s brilliant!!

  491. Lindsay on said:

    The chalkboard tags are adorable!

  492. Debbie McIntyre on said:

    Fantastic projects!!

  493. yvonne on said:

    Love your tags!!

  494. Alanna on said:

    What a great project. I love the look of it.

  495. c davis on said:

    Great tags and I love the stamps. Thanks for sharing!

  496. Laura on said:

    Your tag idea is very cute and I love your adorable little notebook!

  497. Pat McCleary on said:

    Love that composition book- such a fun idea. Thanx for a chance to win(along with the other 528 & counting fans). You rock!

  498. Janet skotnicki on said:

    Love your projects! Especially the pencils!! Way cute!

  499. I love this little set! The chalkboard tags, notebook and oh so cute pencils would make an awesome gift pack! Thanks for the great ideas!!

  500. Diana N. on said:

    As a retired teacher, I love the “old school” style of your tags! I am so impressed that you stamped on the pencils!

  501. Lisa on said:

    AMBER!!!!! This is just too awesome!!!! Love the way you think girlie!!!! Thanks so much for hopping with us! xo

  502. Janice on said:

    Your projects are all darling! Thanks so much for the inspiration. :-)

  503. sharon l-s on said:

    What a great set of tags. All the items would make great teacher gifts. A home run! TFS and now to hop on….

  504. Cindy C. on said:

    What fun projects!

  505. Lynda Warder on said:

    love what you did!

  506. Lynda Warder on said:

    congrats! your card has made a sale! Now, I NEED that stamps!!! LOL

  507. Michele aka Goat Girl on said:

    Such great stamps & a great way to use them!

  508. Sherry on said:

    What fun ideas! Especially like the chalkboard look.

  509. Mrs. Hill on said:

    I am LOVING the chalkboard look I’ve been seeing lately. Total reminders of school back when they had chalk (gee, I’m dating myself here). Also glad to find a new blog and crafter for inspiration! Love what I’m seeing here. Thanks for the crafty jump start!

  510. Karen L K on said:

    Love those black board tags you created. Clever. Not only were you clever with those you kept going. Very cute set of things that you created!

  511. Boo on said:

    I’m really liking the Chalkboard look.

  512. Ellen on said:

    Love the chalkboard tags! What a great idea.

  513. geoh on said:

    awesome ideas

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