Crafter’s Course on Color: Hues, Tints & Shades


Have you ever been curious about strategies for combing color? How to get out of the color rut? Have you ever been told that when it comes color & design, “You’ll just…“know” when it’s right.” Yeah…ummm…go ahead and file that under “Statements That Are Not Helpful.” Now, I do think that there comes a point […]

Office Hours: Finding Inspiration


We took a week away from Office Hours for this post for the Clear & Simple Stamps Review week, but I’m back today to answer a question from Vicki Dutcher. First, I have to  say “thanks” to Vicki for helping me get hip to the lingo…I had never heard of “ABC” projects before receiving her email! […]

Office Hours: The Blog/Life Balancing Act


Joan’s question is a good one…I wish I had the definitive answer for how I am able to juggle work and blogging. Most days I go with the  “Chicken with Her Head Cut Off” technique. It’s tried and true, but it’s not always the best approach if you want to maintain some semblance of sanity. […]