Acrylic Monogrammed Stationery Box

DIY Acrylic Monogram Box  | Damask Love

I love acrylic things. I love monogram things. Today they meet and become best friends forever and ever. While I was wandering the aisles of The Container Store for Crib Meets Craft I came across this acrylic hinged box and knew I could do something crafty with it. Fact: if you wander around long enough, you’ll […]

Apple Pie Pops

DIY Apple Pie Pop Sticks | Damask Love

We’re in the home stretch people. Five-ish weeks before this kiddo makes his appearance and I’m finishing out this pregnancy with one last craving: apple pie. The bakery at The Fresh Market makes really good ones – and over the last month, I’ve polished off two. Pies that is. Two pies. I’m not ashamed. And, […]

Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 19


My stance on candy corn is very clear. See.  Didn’t like it then. Don’t like it now, but I am totally willing to acknowledge we are in the thick of candy corn season. So if I’m not gonna eat it – which I absolutely will not do – I’ll craft it, in the easiest way ever. […]

Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 18

Easy Paper Punch Apples | Damask Love

It’s fall, y’all. At least that’s that the calendar says. The temps here in Miami say otherwise. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a crisp breeze and excuse to wear a pair of boots. But alas, tank tops will have to do. With absolutely no fall weather to speak of, I’m crafting up my own […]

DIY Animal Puzzle Blocks with Cricut Explore

DIY Animal Puzzle Blocks with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut

      Ever had a craft hangover? It’s just like a regular hangover, except this one is the result of late, late…late nights of crafting. Oh, and there’s also less of a chance that you end up driving the porcelain schoolbus, but then again, I don’t know how you roll when you get crafty. […]