Let’s Make a Date: Handkerchief Calendar

Handstamped Handkerchief Calendar |  Damask Love

If you are a friend of mine, chances are you have or will receive a handmade calendar. I’m in a calendar-making groove over here.  As soon as I got my Let’s Make a Date stamp set, I immediately wanted to create something that has been on my mind for a while…a handkerchief calendar.  I’ve seen them on the almighty Pinterest, but held out to see how easily I could create my own. Turns out, it’s totally easy and totally doable. Eat my dust, Pinterest!

Handstamped Handkerchief Calendar |  Damask Love

Stamping on fabric is something I’ve been doing for a while, here, here and here, so I knew the ink would cooperate just fine. To be sure that the finished calendar was evenly spaced, I used a pencil to evenly mark where I would stamp the months of the year.

Handstamped Handkerchief Calendar |  Damask Love

Handstamped Handkerchief Calendar |  Damask Love

Handstamped Handkerchief Calendar |  Damask Love

Handstamped Handkerchief Calendar |  Damask Love

Handstamped Handkerchief Calendar |  Damask Love

Handstamped Handkerchief Calendar |  Damask Love



  1. Rae Ramses on said:

    I’m in love…with a handkerchief! LOL! Amber, this is such a sweet project. Thanks for the tip on how to line things up. Now, I need to get a handkerchief to give away. :-)

  2. Lorena on said:

    This is adorable, Amber!!!

  3. Grace on said:

    So lovely! I have always wanted to try stamping on fabric. A question if I may – how does the momento luxe ink compare to the clear and simple hybrid ink? Which gives a richer, more colour fast outcome?

  4. Fiorella on said:

    So creative! I love this project.

  5. Holly Saveur on said:

    So gorgeous and such a great idea!

  6. Amy K. on said:

    I love how you use this stamp set – I’ve been intimidated to try it but have admired it in all of your projects. Any tips on how you decide to stamp/arrange the floral images for balance? Thanks!

  7. Gerry S on said:

    How lucky your friends are to receive such a lovely gift. These are beautiful, but not a surprise from you! 😉

  8. Dottie on said:

    I want this. So sentimental. Beautiful project.

  9. Nita K. on said:

    I love this! I the kind of thing I’d love to receive, so now I need to make one to give.

  10. Lynne S in GS on said:

    So completely clever!! Wonderful project I can’t wait to try, thanks for showing and sharing.

  11. Kathy H on said:

    You are really amazing Amber.

  12. Phyllis B. on said:

    Love this idea! So pretty, and I agree with the previous comment… You are amazing, Amber!

  13. wow, this is so, so pretty and such an original idea!

  14. Kathy Mc on said:

    Your friends are so very lucky to have you ~ not only for all your craftiness but just because you are simply amazing. This handkerchief calendar is gorgeous, Amber!

  15. Dinahsoar on said:

    This is beautiful There is a fabric marker w/ disappearing ink that you could use to make your lines instead of using the pencil–no need to wash it later. After a couple of days the ink disappears. You can find the markers in the fabric section of craft stores and Walmart sells them too in the sewing notions aisle. They care inexpensive too. You can google for more info.

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