DIY Anchor Tote Bag

IMG_4996We live next to the Miami River. The view is great most days because there are usually two massive yachts parked on one of the docks. And I mean massive. Like, bigger than most houses. I look at them all the time curious about what kind of wealth it requires to own something like that. I can’t wrap my head around it. Like do those people even use the 40% off coupon when they shop at Michael’s? What the hell am I saying. Obviously they have someone who does their Michael’s shopping for them. And I can only assume that there is a craftroom on that yacht. Like a crazy-top-of-the-line-decked-out-to-the-nines-craftroom. Obvi.

Maybe one day, I’ll step on that yacht. Maybe, I’ll be friends with those people…but rest assured, I will forever and always use my 40% off coupon at Michael’s. Always. In the meantime, while I enjoy the view of their Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous digs, I’ll take the opportunity to design a little something nautical. Something simple, on trend and somewhere that I can stash all my Michael’s coupons.

IMG_2718I literally came up with this tote idea as I was on the pool deck over looking those yachts. I grabbed my tablet and found an anchor image in Cricut Design Space. It’s crazy where inspiration can strike, right? I get really excited when I can turn my idea into something real, even when the inspiration is the most random thing ever…like shoes. Yep. Shoes. Wonder what the heck I’m talking about? Here – check this out.


  1. Canvas tote bag. I swear by these. I use them for all of my DIY tote bag projects.
  2. Fabric Medium – this is great for turning any acrylic crafting paint into a flexible, washable fabric paint.
  3. Iron on vinyl – I used the Cricut Cyan iron on for this project
  4. Acrylic paint in your choice of color
  5. Painter’s tape
  6. Foam Pouncer. I love these.
  7. Extra-large eyelet kit
  8. Seam ripper
  9. Cotton upholstery cording. You can pick this up at most fabric stores. I purchased this one from JoAnn’s


  1. Mix the paint and fabric medium according to the instructions. Tape off the bottom of the bag and use the foam pouncer to apply paint below the tape
  2. Cut the anchor image from the vinyl then place onto the bag. Cover with fabric…
  3. Apply heat with a hot, dry iron (no steam) until the iron on is securely adhered into place.
  4. Use a seam ripper to remove the handles of the canvas tote
  5. Place the eyelets onto the bag in the same location as where the straps were previously attached. Follow the instructions on the packaging of the eyelet kit to do this. Next thread the cording through the eyelet and tie with a knot. Tip: Use craft glue on the end of the cording to prevent it from unraveling.







  • Starting today, Tuesday, April 21st at noon, MST (2pm EST) you can enter HERE to win a full year subscription to Design Space or Cricut Craft Room. Coming from someone who has a full subscription, this prize is fabulous. You have access to almost every image and can create any damn thing you want! Even if you don’t own a Cricut machine yet, you should throw your name into this giveaway! It’s a great excuse to start playing around with all the options and with so many Print Then Cut project, there are even a few things you could probably make without even owning a machine. Today’s giveaway will be open until tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22nd at noon MST.
  • Umm…did you know that there are videos? Yes – you heard me. Videos. Of me rambling about crafty things. Check out this one on what inspires me…and stay tuned for more to roll out as the week continues.



5 Reasons::Cricut Design Space App

IMG_2391Untitled-2If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times until I’m blue in the face. Tiffany Blue in the face. Because that’s prettier. I am the world’s biggest craft cynic. Kind of odd, considering my life is all about crafting and creating with the best tools out there. Whenever something new comes out, I am completely expecting that it will fall flat. It will probably suck. It will probably be a huge waste of my time. Good thing is this: if I’m here telling you about a particular product it’s because it passed muster. It passed the sniff test. It doesn’t suck.

The new Cricut Design Space App doesn’t suck. Actually, it’s awesome. Like “just-opened-the-freezer-and-found-that-box-of-girl-scout-cookies-that-I-stashed-away” awesome.

The Design Space app allows you to access all of the Make It Now projects as well as design your creations. You can access the entire image library from your iPad and you can also access all of the projects that you’ve designed on your computer. It’s all there. It’s sort of magical. If unicorns ever wanted to get into crafting, they would use the Design Space App.
Reason2When I tell you that I use my Cricut Explore everyday, I am not blowing smoke up your backside. I use it every. damn. day. No kidding. Just yesterday, I used it to cut out three hundred and thirty eight 3/4″ circles from gold cardstock. Today, I’m gonna be cutting some leather to make shoe clips. Tomorrow? Not sure what I’ll be cutting tomorrow, but rest asssured…I’ll be making something. If it’s a day that ends in “y” – I’m using my machine.

Now that I have the Design Space App, I find that I am way more willing to create a quick project. I don’t have to pull out my laptop or make space for it at the table. I just grab my iPad and get to it. You can use the Bluetooth connectivity of the original Explore or use the wireless technology of the Explore Air. Either way, you can design and send your project to the machine without any cords. You’ll just need to get up off your butt to press the “Cut” button. I know. If only Cricut would manufacture little crafting elves that could do all that laborious button pushing for us. En lieu of those elves, Cricut has made it super easy to track the progress of your project. The app has notifications that will pop up on your screen, letting you know when you are ready for the next step.IMG_4693

Reason3For the whopping price of zero dollars and no cents, you can give the Design Space App a whirl. Yeah. Beaucoup bucks. There’s really no excuse. This app was created with freegans in mind. Not really.

Reason4I am obsessive about straight lines. I will sit for hours making sure elements of a project are properly aligned. It’s really kind of crazy. First, because no one really gives a damn if two items are off by a couple of millimeters. Second, there is a dirty skillet from this morning’s breakfast that needs washing. Nope, I think I’ll just sit here and fuss with this project for a little longer. Yeah. That’s a good use of my life.

Something tells me that my hubs got on the horn with the people at Cricut as asked if they could make it easier for me to align the images in my projects – lest we all drown in a sea of dirty dishes. However it went down, my OCD prayers were answered. The new Cricut Design Space App snaps images so that you can see when they are centered and aligned perfectly. It’s the small things, people. The small things make all the difference.
Reason5This one time I had a baby and that baby loved to take naps…on my chest…and only on my chest. If I move he rustles. If I stand up, he opens his eyes. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this kid has some sort of altitude sensor that wakes him whenever the air pressure changes. As much as I love baby snuggles – and man, do I love baby snuggles – it can be a little tough when you are tethered to the couch. My tethered woes are no more, friends. I can design while this baby naps and he’s none the wiser. Matter of fact, this app let’s me make the most of any free minute – which can be few and far between. I’ve been known the design in the car, on the train, in the bed…and on the potty. Yes. On the potty. Is that TMI? Just keeping it real. When there is a baby in the mix, you gotta get in where you fit in.

IMG_0012If you aren’t sold on the Design Space app, stick with me and I’ll bring you into the inner circle! This week I’m bringing you all things Cricut as I join in on the #CricutEverywhere campaign! There will be tons of awesome content, so stay tuned. Oh – and there will also be prizes. Lots of them. And they are prizes that you actually want to win. Be sure you are following Damask Love on Facebook and Instagram as well as Cricut on Facebook and Instagram for all the deets on this week’s projects and contests.

ContestWin $500 in Cricut product by entering today’s Facebook contest that can be found here. Just answer today’s question and your response may be selected as the winner. Today’s contest opens at 2pm EST and closes tomorrow, Tuesday, April 21st at 2pm EST.





DIY Desktop Tile Planter

IMG_5895Where do you fall on the “Power Tool Spectrum”?

I want so badly to be one of those girls who wields a circular saw like it’s no big deal. I am not that girl. At all. I know my way around a drill…and that’s where my knowledge ends. I’m totally intimidated by a circular saw and nail guns seem more like weapons of mass destruction. I watch home improvement shows, somehow thinking that I’ll learn through osmosis. The same way I hoped I would learn calculus by sleeping on my textbooks. Turns out neither strategy works. Shocker. I still don’t know how to use a nail gun and I still don’t understand calculus. The ship has sailed on my advanced math skills, but I am bound and determined to conquer power tools. Fact of the matter is this: a girl with a power tool is cooler than all the other girls. She just is. It’s science.

In the meantime, I’ve got a tip for all you would be power toolers. If you see a power tool project that you love – give it a shot – but on a smaller scale. That’s exactly how I tackled today’s DIY. The original version of this project is a patio planter constructed with 2×2’s and cement pavers. It’s a beautiful project. You can check it some examples of it here, here and here. But, me? I’m in the business of doability. I want to make this as easy as possible, which means shrinking the paver planter into something that I can create on my craftroom desk.  Instead of 2x2s? Square dowels. Instead of cement pavers? Ceramic bathroom tiles. Instead of power tools? A plain ol’ saw. Instead of a trip to the emergency room? Movie night at home with me, the hubs and all ten of my fingers.


Supplies not pictured:

  • Gorilla Glue
  • Spray paint in your choice of colors
  • Drill
  • Soil & plants
  • Heavy duty trash bag


  • Use drill and screws to attach one 4.25″ dowel between two 5.25″ dowels. Attach the dowel so that 1/2″ legs extend beneath. You will repeat this step to create two of the pieces pictured.
  • Use Gorilla Glue to adhere another 4.25″ dowel as shown.
  • Glue the remaining two 4.25″ dowels into place until you have a frame like this. Then take the remaining three dowels and screw them into the bottom of the frame to create a slatted “floor”


  • Tape off the tiles as shown and spray paint them in your choice of colors, making sure that the finished edge will be on top.
  • Allow the first spray paint application to dry completely, then tape off again and spray paint in another color.
  • The finished tiles will look something like this.
  • Use gorilla glue to adhere the tiles into each side of the frame. Allow to dry completely.


  • The finished planter will look like this.
  • Place a piece of a trash bag into the planter then use scissors to trim to create a clean edge. Fill with soil.




IMG_5929IMG_5909How’s that for doable!? But you’re not off the hook – and neither am I. We still need to conquer our fear of power tools, which is why you should get your butt over to The Home Depot this Thursday, April 16th where you’ll learn how to make the full-sized version of this project and have the chance to try your hand at power tooling.

Register HERE to save your seat and if you’re in the South Florida area, come visit the North Miami Beach Home Depot location, where I will be co-hosting the workshop…and did I mention that this very planter will be up for grabs along with some other special prizes I’m bringing with me? So yeah – be there.joinme

This is a sponsored conversation brought to you by The Home Depot. All ideas and opinions expressed are my own. 


Damask Love & Home Depot:: DIH Workshops

THD_DIH_Workshop_LayeredWhile the blog is under construction, I’m pretty excited to let you guys know that I’ll be doing a little construction of my own. Live & in the flesh.

Damask Love is partnering with Home Depot to co-host four Do-it-Herself Workshops during the remainder of 2015. Do-It-Herself (DIH) Workshops are held monthly at all The Home Depot store locations and empower women to tackle home improvement projects.  DIH workshops are held on the third Thursday of each month and this month, we’ll be demonstrating a doable DIY paver planter.

Q1 2015 DIH Workshop_Paver Planter

In the meantime, clear your calendar for Thursday, April 16 6:30 – 8:30pm and if you’re in South Florida, come hang out with me at the North Miami Beach store located at 1245 Ne 163rd Street North Miami Beach, FL 33162.

I can promise you – it’s gonna be a party if I’m involved. Guaranteed. And if I have anything to say about it ,there may even be prizes. Consider yourself warned.

You can also attend this workshop at any Home Depot nationwide – just be sure to register HERE and reserve your spot!

So the moral of the story is this: Register and  get yourself to the nearest Home Depot for lots of creativity and learning on April 16th. If you are a South Floridian, you’d better high tail it to the North Miami Beach store to hang out with me for a couple of hours. I’ll be giving out unlimited hugs and high fives.

…and as always, be sure you are part of the Damask Love Instagram inner circle. I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes photos next week when I travel up to the Home Depot headquarters to kick off this year long partnership.




When you are a one woman blogger-mom-psychologist-wife-lady-who-likes-her-eight-hours, there is constantly juggling going on. I’m not complaining. Busy feels good. But sometimes, something’s gotta give – lest it be my sanity. In this case, I’ve become a little lax in my regular blog posting. On purpose…and for very good reason:

Damask Love is undergoing a pretty sizable overhaul with the help of my beloved web gurus at Roundhouse Designs. We are working behind the scenes to develop a great new site. The new home for Damask Love will include all your favorites plus a few exciting additions.

There will forever and always be your must have craft & DIY tutorials – because that’s what I do best. You should see the state of my craft desk right now. Hot. Mess. Express. There are so many projects waiting in the rafters. Get excited, people. Trust.

As for the new stuff,  I’m taking a plunge. And, I’m scared. I’ll be sharing more about me. About my life and about my journey as a blogger. Here’s the dealio: I feel like we’re friends. Is that sad? Pathetic, maybe? Well, it’s true. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. I feel like we are homies. Buds. Amigos. Partners in crafty crime. So naturally, there are so many conversations I want to have with you that go beyond the 1-2-3 of how to make a stationery organizer (although, I think we can all agree that organized stationery is of the utmost importance).  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Like, why do people leave hateful blog comments ? Or, how I am still figuring out how to feel like a human after having a baby. The struggle is real.

It’s all in the name of keeping it real and stoking the fire of my creative passions. Let’s keep this ride going. We’re homies, afterall.