He’s Here!


And then there were three.

On Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 12.23am we went from a family of two to a family of three. We were blessed with a smooth and not-so-terrible labor and delivery…and if you can believe it – after about five minutes of pushing, this guy showed up and we were immediately in love.

Markus is a sweet baby who loves eating and hates bath time. He likes it when I sing silly songs and loves laying on his dad’s chest. When he’s hungry he starts chewing on my face, which is probably my favorite thing ever. He seems to have night confused with day, which makes for a very tired mommy – but who can be mad at that face. Not me.

While I stare at these cheeks, I’ll still be blogging away with a ton of projects that I completed before Markus was born. I’m also working on lots of new content for the new year.

Thanks to all of you who’ve sent me sweet messages of congratulations and checked in on me throughout my pregnancy. If you are interested in the occasional baby pic, you can always find me on Instagram for some gratuitous baby cuteness.


Lovely Letterpress Designs: Damask Love & Studio Calico

Damask Love & Studio Calico Letterpress Tags | Damask LoveProject-Ranking-Format

No secret that I love letterpress. I used it last week in THIS project and today I’m using it again for a very special project that I’m super excited to share.

I’ve partnered up with Studio Calico to create a collection of letterpress plates designed by your’s truly. This simple designs are great for the holiday season and adding a handmade touch to your gifts.

Letterpress tags can cost a pretty penny, so these designs make it really easy to get the look for less. I especially love the nordic designs included in the Merry Christmas set. Here’s a look at the entire collection:

Damask Love & Studio Calico Letterpress Tags | Damask Love

  1. Celebrate Tag Set 
  2. Merry Christmas Tag Set
  3. Pop. Clink. Fizz. Coaster Plate
  4. Filled with Joy Tag Set

Each of the Tag Sets are designed to work with the largest tag die in the Studio Calico Tag Craft Dies Set. You can use the die to cut any of of the letterpress papers but I particularly love the thick letterpress paper because if leaves such a nice impression. There are other letterpress papers out there though, like THIS one which is a bit less expensive.

Now let’s take a look at the tag sets in action! And if you need a quick tutorial on just how easy it is to make letterpress projects, take a look at THIS 60 second video tutorial that I created.

Damask Love & Studio Calico Letterpress Tags | Damask Love

The nordic fair-isle graphic is by far my favorite! To create this tag, just run the tag through twice – once along the bottom and once along the top.

Damask Love & Studio Calico Letterpress Tags | Damask Love

Damask Love & Studio Calico Letterpress Tags | Damask LoveDamask Love & Studio Calico Letterpress Tags | Damask LoveDamask Love & Studio Calico Letterpress Tags | Damask Love



Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 25

Easy Stiffened Felt Tray | Damask LoveProject-Ranking-Format

You know how much I love good gift packaging and with Christmas right around the corner, it’s the perfect time of year to load you up with as many handmade packaging ideas as possible. This little felt tray is really simple way to give handmade goodies to friends and family.

The stars of the show here are the stiffened felt and the Heat n Bond Iron On Adhesive that I picked up from Joann Fabrics. Together, they make this project completely “no-sewable” which is a dream for crafters like me to wait until the last minute to assemble gifts!

I’m partnering up with Joann’s to share this easy gift idea with you as a part of their #MakeIt GiveIt campaign. You can win a $100 gift card to Joann Fabrics by simply posting your holiday craft project onto Instagram using the #MakeItGiveIt hashtag. Easy. You have until December 25th, so start sharing! Joann’s will pick 5 winners and announce them on December 30th. You can check out the official rules here. And as a bonus, all entries will be featured on the Joann Fabrics  Make Gifts Merrier Holiday Hub!

So let me show you how this is done:

Easy Stiffened Felt Tray | Damask Love

  1. A hot glue gun – as always, I use THIS one
  2. Stiffened felt in your choice of color
  3. A ruler – I love my Martha Stewart foldable ruler
  4. Heat n Bond Iron-on Double Sided Adhesive
  5. Scissors
  6. A black marker
  7. Quilting Fabric in your choice of pattern
  8. (not pictured) you’ll also need thin ribbon for this project. I opted for a gold, glitter ribbon for an added bit of holiday glamour

Easy Stiffened Felt Tray | Damask Love

  1. Cut a 9″ square piece of felt and use your ruler and marker to draw lines on each edge as shown
  2. Use the hot glue gun to adhere ribbon at each corner as shown
  3. Adhere a square of quilting fabric on top using the iron on adhesive to bond the two layers together
  4. Pinch each corner to bring the ribbon together
  5. Tie the ribbon at the corner
  6. Repeat this at each corner to make a tray

Easy Stiffened Felt Tray | Damask Love

You can fill this little tray up with yummy homemade goodies and the presentation is perfect. If you’ll be transporting these, a cellophane wrap will help keep things in place.

Easy Stiffened Felt Tray | Damask Love

Easy Stiffened Felt Tray | Damask Love

Easy Stiffened Felt Tray | Damask Love

Don’t forget to use #MakeItGiveIt for your shot at a $100 Joann Gift Card!


A DIY Ugly Sweater Party


I had a high school religion teacher who wore ugly sweaters like it was her job. She did it with a straight face. Without an ounce of irony. She rocked those things on the daily and looked a hot mess each and every time I saw her. She looked like the punch line to every joke ever told….but she was the religion teacher…so you couldn’t really make fun of her. Because, I am quite sure that gets you a one-way ticket to the fiery down under. But now that I think about it, the joke’s on us. Turns out her ugly sweaters are cool again. Sort of.

The whole ugly Christmas sweater phenomenon is alive and well – and has now reared it “ugly” head in the craft world, where ugly Christmas sweaters are popping up all over the place. My Favorite Things is one such place where you can find all your crafty ugly sweater needs with their new Comfy Sweater Die-namics set. I grabbed up these dies as soon as I saw them and today, I’m gonna walk you through my idea for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

Now, most parties of this nature require your guests to show up donning some wretched beast of a sweater that looks like it was rescued from the clearance rack of a Cracker Barrel.  My version of an ugly sweater party is much less itchy. My version is all about the crafting! Get your friends together and craft up the ugliest sweaters you can imagine…and the best part is…it’s impossible to mess up! The uglier, the better. For this party, use the My Favorite Things Sweater Dies to create holiday gift tags that are oh so cute…I mean, ugly.


The supplies you’ll need to host a crafter’s ugly sweater party are easy to find at your craft store. Just load up on embellishments that catch your eye. The gaudier the better! Throw everything out on the table and let your friends get creative. You can pre-cut a bunch of sweater shapes so that everyone can get right to it. The goal here is to make assembly easy! Steer clear of supplies that require lots of time and effort like heat embossing or laborious coloring.

And just in case you still need some direction on assembling the ugliest of sweaters, I’ve got you covered with the Damask Love 2015 Ugly Sweater Winter Collection.  Let me introduce you to the line up:

IMG_0282How to make it:

Die cut the smallest sweater shape from white cardstock // Die cut the sweater ribbing from green cardstock // Place 1/8″ double sided adhesive onto the white sweater to create stripes // Remove adhesive backing and sprinkle on red glitter / Adhere green ribbing and gingerbread man sticker



How to make it:

Cut large sweater shape from light green and medium green cardstock // Cut sleeves of medium green cardstock sweater shape // Adhere sleeves onto light green sweater shape // Die cut sweater ribbing from dark green cardstock and adhere //  Place Christmas tree stickers and adhesive pearls

IMG_0280How to make it:

Cut large sweater shape from white cardstock // Stamp sweater with Nordic Knits in red ink // Die cut sweater ribbing from red cardstock and adhere // Adhere glitter snowflake sticker



How to make it:

Die cut two of the large sweater shapes from green cardstock // Cut one of the sweaters in half vertically and gently ink the edge with green ink to create some shading // Adhere the sweater half on top of the other to create a cardigan // Stamp the green cardigan with snowflakes using white pigment ink // Adhere red gemstone buttons // Die cut sweater ribbing from white cardstock and use a marker to make candy stripes // Adhere sweater ribbing to the green sweater

IMG_0279How to make it:

Create a cardigan sweater using the same technique described above // Adhere pearl buttons and candy cane stickers //  Die cut sweater ribbing from white cardstock and only adhere to sleeve cuffs // Adhere mini pom poms to cuffs

IMG_0274How to make it: 

Die cut the small sweater from green cardcstock // Die cut sweater ribbing from white cardstock and adhere // Adhere snowman sticker



How to make it:

Die cut large sweater shape from light blue cardstock // Die cut sweater ribbing from medium blue cardstock and adhere // Stick on snowflake stickers and use glue to adhere mini pom poms


Have I convinced you that you need a crafty ugly sweater party in your life!? It is really so much fun to create these guys! Swing by the MFTStamps shop to get the Comfy Sweater Die-namics. It’s the building block for this project, so you’ll wanna have it! From there, have fun picking out tacky embellishments that will make your sweater tags as ugly as humanly possible.



Design Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Holiday Cards

Design Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Stationery with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut FeatureDid you see THIS post? Well, I suppose I just can’t get enough Rifle Paper Co. because I’ve got another project inspired by their beautiful designs…and just like the last time, I’m using my Cricut Expore to get the look I want.

Design Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Stationery with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut Feature

Just like with all the Explore projects, the process here is so simple. I used the Print Then Cut Feature to create bunch of floral image stickers using THIS digital image set from Creative Market.

I also used iron-on glitter paper to cut out the sentiments that I would use on the cards. Just like I showed you in THIS post – you can actually use Cricut Iron-On with paper! It adheres perfectly.

Last up, you’ll just need a few cardstock card bases in whatever color you like. Rifle Paper Co. is known for their dark cards, so I chose a few deep, rich colors for this project.

Design Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Stationery with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut Feature

  1. Peel off the Print Then Cut images from the Sticker Paper. I LOVE the Cricut Printable Sticker Paper! It’s thick and sturdy.
  2. Adhere the floral image directly to your card base. For this project, the Print Then Cut Feature is perfect, since it cuts the images with a full bleed, which means you don’t have a white edge around the image. Once adhered to the dark card base, it blends right in.
  3. Complete your floral design
  4. Place the gold glitter iron on greeting directly on to the paper card, then use an hot, dry iron to adhere it. Once it’s adhered, you’ll be able to peel back the clear backing to reveal your final project.

Design Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Stationery with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut Feature

These Rifle inspired cards are super easy to make with your Explore! It’s tough to achieve a similar look with traditional dies and stamps, since those images typically will have a white edge all the way around, which can be distracting against a dark eggplant card like I used in this project.

Because these are so easy – just stickers and ironing – I made a second design against a burgundy card base. Loving how this one turned out.

Design Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Stationery with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut Feature

Design Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Stationery with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut Feature


If this project has you wanting to add the Explore to your arsenal, you still have today, Cyber Monday to purchase one for a low price. Amazon.com is offering the Cricut Explore Starter Bundle for $199.00 which is just nuts! The machine alone retails for $249  – and this bundle includes every tool you need to hit the ground running.

You can also check out the Cricut site where there are a ton of other bundles available for $229 – and if you use the codes EXPLOREBFBLOG and CRICUTBF5 for an additional $15 off your purchase, bringing the final price down to $214.99 for the bundle.

Design Inspired: Rifle Paper Co. Stationery with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut Feature