Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 13

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Pineapples | Damask Love

Welp – apparently pineapples are trending. Who knew. Personally, I’ve always been a watermelon kind of girl, but I guess we covered those already. So it’s time to give pineapples their time in the Easy Like Sunday Morning sunshine. And it turns out that this project uses a couple of my go-to paper punches that you’ll be happy to own. Here we go:

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Pineapples | Damask Love{1} Punch three scalloped squares from yellow lightweight cardstock.

{2} Cut the scalloped squares in half and overlap them as shown.

{3} Place the overlapped squares into a large oval punch

{4} With a piece of green cardstock, create a strip of fringe

{5} Fold the fringed strip back and forth onto itself and fan out as shown.

{6} Adhere the fanned fringe to the back of the oval and use markers to create shading on the scallops.

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Pineapples | Damask Love

Now, I’m sure you can come up with all sorts of cute ways to use these little pineapples. Cards, tags…or maybe some summertime invitations like these. I used a set from Clear & Simple Stamps  called Party Elements:BBQ – great for summer. And did I mention, Clear & Simple is having an awesome Friends & Family Sale through July 6th. They are offering 50% off almost every in stock stamp set and die. You should probably go take a look and order some goodies!

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Pineapples | Damask Love

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Paper Punch Pineapples | Damask Love


Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 12

Easy DIY Sticker Front Stationery | Damask Love


There are certain things in this world that drive me absolutely nuts, and one of those things is the chronic misuse of elevator buttons. Yes. I know. Sounds ridiculous. But I am completely and 100% serious about this. It’s a problem that has gone unaddressed for far too long.

Here’s the deal. You only need to press the elevator button once. One time. That’s it. Pressing it ten times in five seconds will not make the elevator show up any sooner. Last I checked,  the elevator call button is not an accelerator. It does not have a “warp speed” effect when pressed over and over and over again. When I see people pressing it repeatedly, I have to use every ounce of self-control not to grab their finger and give them a lesson on proper elevator button etiquette. Luckily, I restrain myself.

So how about this. Instead of wasting our time pushing that button to no avail, howsabout we do something that really is fast. Something that really does give speedy results…like today’s installment of Easy Like Sunday Morning.

If you are a patterned paper hoarder, you’ll love this project, because you only need a few supplies and a few minutes to make a stack of pretty & simple cards that are perfect for gift giving.

Easy DIY Sticker Front Stationery | Damask Love

{1} Patterned Paper

{2} Sticker Maker like THIS one.

{3} Folded Cards made with solid white cardstock

{4} Bone folder

{5} craft knife

{6} self-healing cutting mat

Easy DIY Sticker Front Stationery | Damask Love {1} Place folded card into sticker maker.

{2} Roll the entire card through the machine

{3} Use the bone folder to rub the card. This will help make sure that the adhesive is well adhered to the card.

{4} Gently peel back the sticker backing

{5} Place the sticky side of the card onto the wrong side of the patterned paper.

{6} Again, use the bone folder on the card to make sure everything is adhered nicely.

{7} Drag your craft knife around each edge of the card.

{8} Once you cut around the card, you’ll have a beautiful simple patterned card front that is securely adhered and won’t lift from the edges.

Easy DIY Sticker Front Stationery | Damask Love

Easy DIY Sticker Front Stationery | Damask Love

Easy DIY Sticker Front Stationery | Damask Love

Easy DIY Sticker Front Stationery | Damask Love


A New Look at Partial Die Cutting

Middle of the Page Partial Die Cutting | Damask Love

When it’s all said and done, I will have spend at least 5 years of my life playing with fonts. Don’t lie. You’re the same way.

I will sit and search for fonts for hours. I’ve dreamt of fonts. I’ve got a problem. Clearly.

So obviously, I’m a little bit obsessed with all the handwritten, scripty sentiment dies that have come on the scene recently. I love this one, this one and I really love this one.

With my love of fonts and a little creativity, I came up with this simple technique for creating beautiful focal points on simple stationery. If you saw THIS, THIS or THIS post from the Damask Love archives you already know how to create partial die cuts – so today we’re taking that technique one step further with a quick, simple variation. Here’s how it’s done

So with this simple variation on partial die cutting, you can transform those word dies into something special.

Middle of the Page Partial Die Cutting | Damask Love

Middle of the Page Partial Die Cutting | Damask LoveSupplyListHEader

Damask Love Returns



The verdict is in.

Damask Love readers are the most awesome readers in all the land.

It’s a fact. A fact that I didn’t even know about until my recent siesta from blog town. You guys checked in on me to make sure I hadn’t defied all laws of gravity and fallen off the earth’s surface. You messaged me, emailed me and even snail mailed me. Who knew you all were such loyal and sweet readers!?

Well today, I’m getting back to it after a much, much, much needed break. What was it much needed? Well, there’s been lots going on ’round these parts. Howsabout I update you on a few of the more noteworthy happenings. Let’s go.


It may look like I’ve had one too many slices of deep dish, but that’s no food baby. That’s a baby baby.

Hands down my best DIY ever.

Well – I guess it’s not really a DIY. More of a DIO (ourselves) because this was…um…uh…a team effort. I’ll spare you a full tutorial on this particular project. Google it.

For the last few months, I’ve been in a haze of excitement, overwhelm, exhaustion, occasional queasiness and all too frequent trips to the store for a watermelon fix.  (I’m currently eating about two watermelons a week). With our first little one on the way, Andrew and I could not be more happy. Seriously. We are so excited…but I’m gonna be honest: pregnant is weird. Weird in the best, most unexpected ways possible:

Like when you go to the grocery store (for the aforementioned watermelon fix) and a 40-something-year-old man looks at you…then looks are your protruding baby bump…then looks back at you and says “Hey, boo.” Seriously, dude? I’m pregnant. Why are you hitting on me right now?!

Or when your mother tells you that she doesn’t want to be called Grandma because it makes her feel old, so I say “Well, what do you want our kids to call you?” Her response? “Gladys” The woman wants to be called “Gladys.” Really, mom? Really? Gladys? Note: my mother’s name is NOT Gladys. Never has been. Never will be. I have no clue where she came up with the name Gladys, but I quickly vetoed that one. Most days I’m a fan of ridiculous, but even this idea was overboard for me.

Chances are that the stories will keep coming as this bump gets bigger and bigger. Chances are I’ll be sharing those stories with you here on the blog. I hope you won’t mind. Of course, there will still be your regularly scheduled crafting – but let’s be honest. Crafting is way better when there’s a hilarious pregnancy story to accompany it. Right?



It’s no secret that I’m mildly obsessed with gelatos. I used them HERE, HERE and HERE - and now you can find more of my gelato love all packaged up in a kit that I helped design! How crazy is that?!

I partnered up with the friendly folks at Faber-Castell to design the cards and content included in the Card Making Gelatos Kit. You’ll find it nestled in the paper crafting aisle at your local Michael’s Craft Store and when you open it up, you’ll find a photo and profile of your’s truly! I may or may not have purchased a ton of these kits already to give out to my family! Don’t worry though – I left a few on the shelves just for you!

Untitled-4This latest development is one that I had to share in today’s update post.

Ever since Domino Magazine came onto the scene – I’ve been a fan. So you can imagine how I reacted when they named Damask Love one of the 17 Best DIY Blogs out there! Excited would be an understatement. You can check out the full line-up of blogger HERE.

So – there you have it: a quick look at what I’ve been up to…well at least the most exciting bits of news. This week, I’m off to Salt Lake City where I’ll be speaking at Altitude Summit and hobnobbing with all the awesome creative bloggers who will be in attendance. Be sure to check in with me on Instagram to see what I’m up to! In the meantime, I’ll be posting all your beloved craft & DIY tutorials right here – so come on back tomorrow so we can get this party…restarted!



Winner & Announcements!

Freebie-MFT-WinnerCongratulations to Martha for earning a gift certificate to My Favorite Things. Enjoy it  and I hope you can grab that Floral Fusion die you’ve had your eye on!  Be sure to send me an email so that I can get your gift certificate over to you ASAP!

  • Craftroom-AnnouncementsWhen I’m not crafting, I’m tackling patio design. Well…not really but for the last few weeks I have been working on a complete overhaul of our sad, sad patio balcony . As a part of the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge, I put my crafty know-how to the test to design a colorful and functional outdoor space.  The full reveal is up HERE on the Home Depot blog so go take a look. You won’t believe the before & after photos!
  • I guess I’m sort of a craft pusher – so forgive me while I tempt you with the latest sale over at Ellen Hutson! Use the code MOMSDAY14 to save 20% on nearly every product in their online shop. The sale goes from Friday, May 9 – Sunday, May 11. If you need a few ideas of what to get, here are a few suggestions:
    • Considering how much I love Hero Arts, these are sure to be an awesome addition to your craft collection.
    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this stuff is awesome and a must have! Check out how I put it to use in this project – just in case you need a little more encouragement.
    • Trust me when I tell you – LittleB is the best thing to happen to dies in a long time. Their packaging is the stuff of dreams and when I toured their booth at CHA, I fell in love. This die set is one of my favorites and you may just see it soon right here on the blog.
    • If your die collection is already out of control, consider stocking up on the Little B Storage Binders. They already have a magnetic backing inside and they fold closed to protect your dies and keep everything in place.
    • A simple “hello” never gets old.

Happy shopping and happy crafting!