Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 28

Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask LoveI’ve learned a few things over the last six weeks:

1. There is nothing that makes you feel more awesome than quieting a fussy baby and getting him to fall asleep. It’s a superpower and I’m slowly mastering it.

2. Every Saturday at 3am, MTV shows back to back reruns of Saved by the Bell. I’m rekindling my romance with Zach Morris during nightly nursing sessions. Also – Mr. Belding needs to grow a pair and stop being such a pushover.

3. You can get a lot of crafting done with one hand…like these ladybugs which I created, in part, while holding a baby in my lap. Yeah. I should probably get an award or something, right?

I’ll spare you the one-handed tutorial for these cuties. Instead, I’ll show you how simple they are when you have both hands available to you.

Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask Love

I have several heart punches but I love the Heart Confetti Punch from Martha Stewart because the itty bitty hearts are two different sizes and are great for little projects – and of course, they are great for making confetti which might be the perfect filler for those handmade valentine’s you are working on.


Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask Love

Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask Love

As will all my paper punch projects, you can use these embellishments in a bunch of different ways. You could add little antennae to these with pipe cleaners or even googly eyes…but you won’t see me doing that here. I am decidedly against googly eyes. I really dislike them. Who has eyes that move around like that? Creepy if you ask me. Anyway…back to this project…with V-day around the corner, I used them to create little valentine mason jars filled with a sweet treat. The finished product is muy adorable.

Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask Love

Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask Love

Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask Love
Easy Paper Punch Valentine Ladybugs | Damask LoveSupplyListHEader

Design Inspired: DIY Sugar Paper Planner

Design Inspired: DIY Sugar Paper Planner | Damask Love

I’m no stranger to DIY calendars around these parts and with the New Year in full swing you probably are in need of some organizational inspiration…that’s what I’m here for.

I love the look of Sugar Paper LA products – but you know how I roll – why buy it, when I can DIY it.

I’ve already given you a bunch of reasons why you need to own The Cinch so now I’m gonna give you an example of how you can put it to use to create this trendy and colorful wire-bound planner that is inspired by Sugar Paper. I also used my beloved Cricut Explore for this project and if you need some gentle nudging on purchasing your own – I’ve got a few reasons why you should.

Design Inspired: DIY Sugar Paper Planner | Damask LoveTo create a bold and dimensional cover for this planner that mimics the look of Sugar Paper’s I used my Cricut Explore to cut large numbers from a piece of chipboard. I’m always so impressed with how perfectly the machine can handle thick materials like chipboard.

Design Inspired: DIY Sugar Paper Planner | Damask LoveOnce you’ve finished making these two chipboard pieces, simply adhere the top to the bottom so that the gold shows through. Easy enough!

Design Inspired: DIY Sugar Paper Planner | Damask LoveNow for the innards for this planner. I wanted something colorful but I also wanted something easy, which meant I had no interest in designing a printable myself…and that’s where Etsy came in to save the day! I searched for 2015 calendar printables and came upon one that is so cute and colorful that you probably need to get one for yourself.

Design Inspired: DIY Sugar Paper Planner | Damask LoveDesign Inspired: DIY Sugar Paper Planner | Damask Love

Design Inspired: DIY Sugar Paper Planner | Damask Love

The 505 Designs shop is full of really cute and colorful printables and the prices are very reasonable.  I went for the 2015 Two Page Layout which is already set up for back-front printing. I printed my calendar onto a lightweight  65lb. cardstock so that it will be durable and last throughout the year. I’m currently using this planner solely for organizing the editorial calendar for Damask Love. I love having all my blog content organized in one separate place.

Design Inspired: DIY Sugar Paper Planner | Damask LoveDesign Inspired: DIY Sugar Paper Planner | Damask Love
If you haven’t already entered to win The Cinch – be sure to enter!
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Six Reasons You Need…

Six Reasons You Need The Cinch | Damask Love

After my first “reasons” post – I decided that it might be fun to tempt you all with a few more of my favorite creative tools by listing out all the reasons that I think you should be adding to your stash. Far be it from me to tell you what to do with your money, but let’s be honest – we crafters are not known for our frugal ways. We like to grab up the best creative goodies – so I’m here to simply steer your wallet in the right direction!

Today, I’m on a mission to turn you into a notebook making fiend…just like me. It’s obvious that I love making notebooks so it only makes sense that I would own The Cinch Binding Tool from We R Memory Keepers. Here’s why you should have one too:

Six Reasons You Need The Cinch | Damask Love

We R Memory Keepers does a great job of offering incredibly innovative products that are really easy to use. Unlike other binding tools out there, The Cinch includes all of the instructions you need directly on the machine, so no need to keep up with a manual. Hallelujah.

Six Reasons You Need The Cinch | Damask LoveWhenever I purchase a new notebook, I feel like I need to wait to use it…like the pages are too precious to actually touch. But here’s the problem: I’ve been known to write down a to-do list of things I’ve already done, just so that I can cross something off the list …thereby creating the semblance of productivity. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

With such excessive list-making practices going on, I really have to have plenty of notebooks on hand to keep up with myself and I don’t want to feel guilty about using up the notebook pages.  If you’re a list making fool like I am – The Cinch will make you feel a little better about jotting down notes. As soon as you fill up one notebook – it won’t take long to make another.

Six Reasons You Need The Cinch | Damask Love

There is another binding tool out there called the Bind It All. I owned one for years – but never used it. It was just too much of a pain…literally. The lever was really tough to push down and I could only punch through a few sheets of paper at a time. At one point, I had a sore bicep after using it. That thing is in craft supply heaven.

Just like Sade, The Cinch is a smooth operator. The lever does not require much exertion at all and the weighty machine stays in place as you use it so you don’t have to deal with securing it as you punch your pages. It also can punch through super thick book board with ease and can handle up to 20 sheets of text weight paper at one time. Six Reasons You Need The Cinch | Damask Love

It’s not quite the same as when Oprah handed out all of those cars, but trust me…notebooks make an awesome gift and with The Cinch, you can create handmade notebooks for all your friends. You can personalize them with pretty paper or monograms. You can customize the colors for a special occasion or select exactly the size you need. Whenever a birthday rolls around, you can whip out The Cinch and make a pretty notebook, then package it up with some pens and you’ve got a great gift (trust me – I’ve done this plenty of times and the recipient is always happy!) No need to scour the aisles of Target for a last minute present. Make it yourself.  Six Reasons You Need The Cinch | Damask Love

If you need a little help getting started with The Cinch – there are kits that give you everything you need. You can make a desk calendar, a wall calendar, a recipe book or a journal. Each kit contains all the basic components you need and it’s just up to you to dress it up with embellishments, stamps, paper, photos or whatever else you want. These completely customizable kits let you flex some crafty muscle without figuring out what supplies you need to stock up on. The kits are an especially fun way to get beginners involved or even your kids!Six Reasons You Need The Cinch | Damask LoveThe Cinch is on the pricier end of crafting tools. It rings in at about $90 bucks which is nothing to scoff at, but if you are a paper love like me – this machine will pay for itself over time. A stylish notebook can easily run you $10-$20 and you don’t even get the DIY bragging rights that we all love so much!  Once you have The Cinch tool in your arsenal, you can create notebooks for about $1-$5 each depending on what supplies you use. Considering the many gifting options you have with this tool, it won’t take long before you’ve made the purchase worth your while. Now, if you don’t expect to use this tool very much – then of course, this will take a bit longer…but chances are, if you have one, you’ll come up with lots of ways to use it. Handmade planners, photo books, personalized desk calendars…get creative!

Now you know I wouldn’t pitch you on this fun tool without giving you the chance to win one! You have until Friday, January 20th to enter below and the winner will be announced on Saturday, January 21st. Good luck and happy crafting!

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Happy New Year!


Asleep by 9pm. That’s how we rang in the New Year in this house…and it was wonderful. With a new baby in the house, things were a little different this year. No champagne. No ball drop. No late night partying. Just sleep. Sweet, beautiful sleep.

For me the New Year is more about setting goals and getting busy making dreams happen! I’ve got lots on the horizon for 2015 and I can’t wait to share everything with you in the coming months. Once exciting, upcoming project is my entry into the final round of the Cricut Design Space Star Challenge! You may remember THIS post from a few weeks ago. Well – it WON and put me the running to win a $10,000 grand prize.

Along with four other bloggers, I am competing in this final challenge. We are each transforming a space in our home with projects made with the Cricut Explore. I’ve already gotten started and if you want to see a few sneaks along the way, be sure you staying in the loop on Facebook and Instagram. Wish me luck and stay tuned for the full reveal on January 28th.

And in the name of exciting projects in 2015, I want to send some special love to my dear friend Susan Opel who was the former Creative Editor of Paper Crafts Magazine, which has now closed it’s doors. Susan has moved on to an awesome opportunity hosting the My Favorite Things Challenge & Inspiration blog. I am a big fan of My Favorite Things and use their goods on the regular. You should definitely check out this new blog and participate each week!

Happy New Year, friends and I’ll see you very soon with more crafty goodness!