A Merry & Bright Card Kit with Cricut Explore: Pt. 1

IMG_7450 A Merry & Bright Card Kit with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut | Damask Love

I’m a bit of a pusher when it comes to crafting.

Constantly trying to bring new members into the fold. Trying to convince them that crafting is the most awesome thing you could ever do with your time. Explaining all the beautiful things you can make. Forcing them to making something. Like I said – I’m a pusher.

So, when Cricut released their Print Then Cut feature a few weeks ago, I immediately knew what I had to do to maintain my status are your diligent neighborhood craft dealer. I had to make a card kit.

I love card kits. I’ve made them HERE and HERE…but the one problem with these is the time it takes to stamp and cut each element. I needed a solution for making mass-produceable card kits, that I could give out to friends to give ‘em a little taste of exactly what crafting could do for them. The euphoria of that first handmade card is all they needed and they’d be hooked, right?! (Ok – this is beginning to sound a little too much like drug dealing. I swear it’s just cardstock and adhesive, people. I swear). 

I spent the afternoon designing card kit elements – this was by far the hardest part of the job but I only had to do it once. Then it was time to Print Then Cut. I uploaded my original images into Cricut Design Space, and the machine led me through the rest of the process. It’s pretty cool how seamlessly the printing happens. Just trust me on this friends, you probably need to get a Cricut Explore in your life. Yeah, like I said – I’m a pusher.

A Merry & Bright Card Kit with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut | Damask Love

A Merry & Bright Card Kit with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut | Damask Love


Here’s a little peek on how Print Then Cut works within Cricut Design Space:

A Merry & Bright Card Kit with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut | Damask LoveEach of the elements you see throughout this post was created using Print Then Cut. It’s quite awesome really. The precision of the cutting is so good that these almost look store bough – except they’re not! I made them with my Cricut Explore and a $.02 sheet of white cardstock. That’s it.

Sidenote: I get lots and lots of questions about where I purchase my envelopes! I have a pretty extensive collection of envies and they all come from Paper Presentation. This shop offers every color of cardstock and envelope under the sun which is why I love them so much! I can find a match for anything!

A Merry & Bright Card Kit with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut | Damask Love

See all those little cute embellies? Yep. Printed em. Then cut em. So very cool.

A Merry & Bright Card Kit with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut | Damask LoveAnd for the sake of the card kit recipients, I wanted to package these up in a way that made each element simple and easy to use. That’s where my trusty Xyron sticker maker came into the equation. Y’all know how much I love that Xyron! Just like I did in THIS post, I used my large sticker maker to create quick cards for the kit. I then used my smaller Xyron to add adhesive to each of the embellishments and sentiments.A Merry & Bright Card Kit with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut | Damask Love A Merry & Bright Card Kit with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut | Damask Love

A Merry & Bright Card Kit with Cricut Explore Print Then Cut | Damask Love


Last, but not least – I wanted to package all the elements into a cute box to make gift giving easy. I challenged myself on this one and was able to create my own box template that the Cricut Explore cut out for me.

In the end, I was about to create four card kits in a little over an hour – which is a lot quick than I could have done it by hand! Love it! Come back tomorrow to see Part II of this post where I reveal the 16 different card designs you can create with this Merry & Bright Card Kit!

This post was completed as part of Round 4 of the Cricut Design Space Star competition. For more Cricut Explore inspiration, follow the #designspacestar hashtag on instagram where lots of other talented craft pushers are sharing their own creations!

And one more quick question! Would you like to have these images available for download so you can use them with your own machine?! If so, lemme know!


Crib Meets Craft: Closet Reveal

Crib Meets Craft: Closet Organization with Container Store Elfa System | Damask Love

There are lots of tell tale signs that you’re a crafter. Like when you find adhesive squares in your bed – and it’s no big deal. Or when you always have glitter specks on your face. Or when the transaction history on your credit card looks like this: Michael’s. Michael’s. Joanns. Container Store. Container Store. Joanns. Hobby Lobby. Container Store. Michael’s…you get the idea.

The last of these is true for me, especially since I started tackling Crib Meets Craft. If you’ve been following the #cribmeetscraft hashtag on Instagram, you’ve seen peeks of this process over the last few months.  I’ve taken “nesting” to a whole new level which means I’ve spent lots of time organizing and labeling and neatly putting things in their perfect place. Hallelujah for my new best friends at The Container Store who helped me through every step of my Crib Meets Craft closet organization project.

With a baby on the way, I knew I had to tackle every nook and cranny of my craft space and make it functional for me and the little sugarbooger. This meant giving some much needed attention the sad, disaster of a closet that had long gone neglected. Before The Container Store swooped in to save the day, the closet looked like a rat’s nest. Like the inside of Oscar the Grouch’s trash can. Like the …well…how’s about I just show you.

Crib Meets Craft: Closet Organization with Container Store Elfa System | Damask Love

If you have eyeballs, you can see what a joke this place was. Sort of like I released a pack of feral cats inside… then closed the doors…well maybe not that bad..but certainly not good. Not good at all. And certainly not functional. Here’s what wasn’t working for me:

1. See that folding door? It totally got in the way. With space at such a premium, that door was a big problem. Even when it was open, it took up about 4″ of space in the closet opening which meant I couldn’t fully open the plastic drawers inside.

2. The hanging bar was another problem. It was the perfect height for hanging clothing but when it came to storing boxes and supplies on the shelf portion, it was a little unstable.

3. Ugly boxes galore! This is what happens when you have too many supplies and too few places to store them. Things end up being stored in cardboard boxes and stashed wherever they’ll fit. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with cardboard boxes, but when you love pretty things the way I love pretty things …cardboard boxes are just not cool.

4. Stacks on stacks on stacks. This was probably the biggest problem. Here’s the thing: once you stack more than 2-3 boxes on top of each other, the configuration becomes pretty non-functional. If you need to grab a box, you have to move the other ones…and sometimes they topple over…and then you get annoyed…and then you avoid putting things back where they belong because it’s such a pain…so everything ends up in a huge mess.

5. Nowhere to store my props! If you’ve read the blog for a while, you know how much I love to style photos with seasonal props. Those props need a home and in this previous set up, their home was the floor. They often got in the way and made it impossible to close the door all the way. See the problem?!

6. On the other side of the closet is where I stored the baby stuff, including the world’s most adorable seersucker suit which I purchased at Macy’s for $6…but I digress. This closet bar was also a problem for baby clothes because it left a ton of empty space below.

7. Stacks of more boxes! Argh. See #4.

8. Too many baby toys jammed into too little space and waaaay too disorganized!

Crib Meets Craft: Closet Organization with Container Store Elfa System | Damask Love

I established the problems…so the next step was to take all my measurements to The Container Store where the Elfa geniuses worked their magic and designed a way more awesome space that would work for all of my needs. It took about an hour to design the entire space, including the time they spent helping me decide on which storage drawers and boxes would be best. I was beyond impressed with the patience and knowledge of the staff at my local store. They thought of EVERYTHING and had a solution for every snag.

With the space designed, I had our friendly handyman remove the previous closet rod, patch the holes and paint the interior of the closet in a fun shade of blue.

The last phase was installation which was offered by The Container Store! Thank goodness…because Lord knows this pregnant lady had no business trying to tackle that task! They came over and installed all the shelving and drawers in the matter of 90 minutes. It was like watching magic happen.

Crib Meets Craft: Closet Organization with Container Store Elfa System | Damask Love

Now for the fun part…the after!

The final closet space includes a varied collection of Elfa shelving and drawers that are functional for baby supplies as well as for crafting supplies. Let’s take the grand tour, shall we? (more…)



I get the feeling that I know you pretty well. After all, I’ve been hanging out with most of your for years now. Since we go waaaay back, I can safely say that you are going to love tomorrow’s post! Like me, I know that you are an organization junky…even if your craft space isn’t always the neatest place in the house, I know you love tips on organizing – so I think you should make a point to get over to Damask Love tomorrow when I’ll be revealing Part I of Crib Meets Craft! I’m excited and I hope you are too! See you there!


And before I go, I wanted to let you in on the winner of last week’s World  Card Making Day blog hop! Congratulations to Sabrina Radican for winning the Cozy Christmas stamp set designed by Julie Ebersole. Take a peek at the full blog post to see how I used the products from this new collection of stamps and dies!

See you tomorrow!

Easy Like Sunday Morning: No. 18

Easy Paper Punch Apples | Damask LoveProject-Ranking-Format

It’s fall, y’all. At least that’s that the calendar says. The temps here in Miami say otherwise. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a crisp breeze and excuse to wear a pair of boots. But alas, tank tops will have to do. With absolutely no fall weather to speak of, I’m crafting up my own version of autumn in the simpliest way possible: paper punch apples. You are gonna love these. They are incredibly easy to make!

Easy Paper Punch Apples | Damask Love

Easy Paper Punch Apples | Damask Love

1. Punch a 1.75″ circle from red cardstock

2. Use the same circle punch to create a notch on the bottom of the circle

3. Repeat step 2 to create the shape shown

4. Round off the edges with a pair of scissors

5. Draw a curved black line on the shape as shown.

Easy Paper Punch Apples | Damask Love

6. Add depth to the shape with a white gel pen

7. Use the craft knife to cut along the black curved line.

8. Insert a short piece of baker’s twine into the slit.

Easy Paper Punch Apples | Damask Love9. Use the 1″ circle punch to create leaf shapes. For a quick visual on creating leaf shapes with a circle punch, visit THIS post.

Easy Paper Punch Apples | Damask Love
Step It UpAs with any of the paper punch shapes that I share on the blog, you can use these in a ton of different ways to dress up cards, tags and packaging. In the spirit of beautiful fall gifts, I used one of the apples to dress up a burlap tag that I created with a scrap of leftover fabric.

Easy Paper Punch Apples | Damask LoveThis tag was the perfect addition to a super simple autumn gift. Just take a small mason jar and fill it with caramel sauce. Top it with an apple and wrap it up in cellophane. The finished gift is beautiful, but oh so easy to pull together in just a few minutes.

Easy Paper Punch Apples | Damask Love

Easy Paper Punch Apples | Damask Love


It’s World Card Making Day

World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love

Did you know that today is World Cardmaking Day? It’s pretty much every crafter’s dream holiday. An excuse to lock the door and get knee deep in cardstock and glue…or in the case of today’s post, an excuse to visit a ton of blogs that are all offering you a first peek at the newest collection of stamps and dies available from Ellen Hutson.  Papercrafter extraordinaire Julie Ebersole has designed a line of incredibly trendy and versatile products that are exclusively available at Ellen Hutson and today is the big day that you can grab ‘em up.

I’m here along with twenty other crafty temptresses to show you my take on these new products. So, let’s get scrolling – because I’m sure you are ready for me to stop talking and start crafting.

World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love
World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love

Each of the cards you’ll see in this post are decididly simple, which means you can pump out a stack of cards in little to no time at all. These days, I am a very big fan of quick and easy.


Cozy Christmas | Brushstroke Christmas | Merry & Bright Stamp Set | Memento Luxe Ink in Pear Tart // Love Letter


1. Apply ink the “Joy” stamp and use a wet wipe to remove ink from the dot over the “j”  2. Stamp “Peace” and “Love” on either side of “Joy” greeting 3. Stamp holly leaf image in red and green ink

World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love


Watercolors are a great way to add texture without doing much work at all . Just swipe on some color. No need to be neat or precise. Love that.


Cozy Christmas | Merry & Bright Stamp Set| Memento Luxe Ink in Teal Zeal | Watercolor set | Watercolor Paper | Martha Stewart Iridescent Glitter Glue


1. Paint blue background onto front of card and allow to dry  2. Stamp swirly line from Merry & Bright stamp set  3. Stamp tree, star and “Merry Christmas” greeting 4. Add yellow glitter glue to star and dots of white glitter glue to create snowfall

World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask LoveWorld Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love

When I received the products in this new release, I was so excited to see a laurel wreath die. I love a good laurel wreath and it’s about time someone created one for all of us papercrafters. To create this card, I turned it upside down and added a simple twine bow.


Laurel Wreath Die | Merry & Bright Handwritten Dies | Merry & Bright Stamp Set| Memento Luxe Ink in Love Letter  | Ellen Hutson Craft-a-Board | Copic Markers in YG11, Y13, YG17 | Red & White Baker’s Twine


1. Die cut wreath from green cardstock and from Craft-a-board  2. Use Copics to add shading to edges of wreath  3. Adhere cardstock wreath to Craft-A-Board 4. Adhere bow to wreath 5. Die cut “happy” sentiment from red cardstock 6. Cut banner from white cardstock and stamp “holidays” greeting in red ink.

World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love


Autumn Acorns Stamp Set


1. Stamp leaves  2. Stamp “Thank You” greeting on a small strip of white paper 3. Mount strip on kraft paper and adhere to front of card

World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love
World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love


Merry & Bright Stamp Set | Bokeh Dots Stamp Set | Solid Red Baker’s Twine


1. Stamp large circle in shades of green 2. Stamp greeting 3. Adhere red twine bow

World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love

This last project may just be my very fave. If you are unfamiliar with the hilarity of “Treat Yo Self” do your self a favor and indulge in next thirty-five seconds. Considering that Halloween is right around the corner, it only made sense to put this die to use for the holiday. I printed out the “Trick or” portion and added it to the die.


Treat Yo Self Die | Vellum | Crop-a-dile Tool | Fiskars Pinking Shears | Orange Striped Treat Bags | Black Striped Treat Bags | Purple Baker’s Twine | Xyron 3″ Sticker Maker


1. Cut die from orange cardstock 2. Run through sticker maker  3. Print out banner with additional greeting and adhere to die 4. Cut tag shape from vellum and add eyelet with Crop-a-dile 5. Trim bottom tag with pinking shears

And now that you’ve scrolled your way through all these projects, you’ve earned a chance to win  one of my favorite stamp sets! Please leave a comment here by October 8th; winners will be announced October 9th!

World Card Making Day Inspiration | Damask Love


For more WCMD inspiration featuring the Ellen Hutson Essentials Collection by Julie Ebersole, visit these bloggers! There are prizes to be won – so don’t miss out on a single blog!

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