DIY: Damask Loves::Etsy

July 24, 2015

All the women who independent Throw your hands up at me All the honeys who makin’ money Throw your hands up at me Man, don’t you miss Destiny’s Child? Bad, catchy lyrics and all? I am utterly obsessed with hard working hustlers who make sh** happen. I love nothing more than a bootstrapping success story. […]

DIY: DIY Clipboard Easel Calendar

July 23, 2015

On Thursdays we Minc. Not really, but today we shall Minc like we mean it. I’ve been on a Minc run these days. I’ve been Minc-ing notebooks, I’ve been Minc-ing banners and today we’re doing a little Minc-ing and a little painting…all to create a really cute desk calendar. The idea for this desk calendar all started […]

Life: Upwardly Mobile

July 21, 2015

When Markus was kicking around in my belly, I always described it as a climbing sensation. Like he was trying to crawl up my chest from the inside. When Markus was born, they put him on me and dammit if that baby didn’t crawl up my chest and onto my shoulder. Today, this babyman is seven […]

DIY: Craft My Flats: Koosh Balls

July 20, 2015

Remember Koosh balls? I sort of put them in the same part of history as Beanie Babies and Tickle Me Elmo. It was a period of time when toys were the hotness. When you could get into a good ol’ fashioned knife fight…at the Walmart…over toys. America at it’s best. I hadn’t seen a koosh ball […]