Stamped Ribbon Banners Tutorial

Well, you know from yesterday’s post that I am a lover of banners. So pretty and elegant! I also love a nice one-layer card.

Today I am combining these two loves with a technique that I came up with while sitting at my desk. It’s amazing how creative you can be while reading journal articles and proofreading manuscripts!

First up – take a look at the cards I created with this technique:

Stamping these one-layer banners is really easy with a few supplies that you surely have in your arsenal.  First – you’ll need a solid banner stamp. I used an image from Clear and Simple Stamps Favor Flag Fillers set. 
Here is a photo tutorial of each step…

Simple right?!
With the basic technique in mind, you can play around with the shape of your banner. Since clear stamps are easy to bend and manipulate, it’s super simple to create a curved or S-shaped banner. 
For an upward curve in your banner, stamp the center portion of the banner below the ends…
For a downward curve, stamp the center portion above the ends.
And now that you’ve seen the how-to, here’s one more look at the cards I created.
For this bright and cherry card, I reached for Clear and Simple Stamps Flower Buds set and added a  little bee for some additional cuteness.

My next design was a bit more elegant, focusing on the beauty of monochromatic brown tones. This would be a great card for a guy!

Hope this technique inspires you to create some one layer banners of your own!


You are Amazing:
Stamps: Clear and Simple Stamps (Flower Buds, Favor Flags, Favor Flags Fillers)
Ink: Impress Fresh Ink (Chamomile, Pink Lemonade, Basil, Mango)
Cardstock: Clear and Simple Stamps (Catwalk Cream)

Thanks for all you do:
Stamps: Clear and Simple Stamps (Favor Flags Fillers); PTI (Turning a New Leaf)
Ink: Impress Fresh Ink (Harvest, Chocolate)
Cardstock: Clear and Simple Stamps (Catwalk Cream)


  1. Lalo on said:

    OH lovely cards and great tutorial. Would never think to make banners that way :)

  2. Sue Ann on said:

    Beautiful cards ~ and of course GREAT tutorial!!

  3. Kara on said:

    beautiful…very clever!

  4. Beautiful and so clever! I’ll have to check my stash for some solid banner stamps. There could be something to use lurking in the middle of the piles…

  5. Monica K. on said:

    Such an awesome and clever idea! Thanks so much for the tutorial. And I love the cards you made too!

  6. So so clever! I would have NEVER thought of this myself. A great technique to have in my back pocket.

  7. Ann on said:

    As always you’ve been thinking outside the box again and come up with another brilliant idea! But oh no, I’ll have to buy stamp set with banners now!

  8. You are so creative! Great trick. Thanks for the how-to pics. You amazing me!

  9. Cristina on said:

    Holy crap, Amber. These are awesome!

  10. All I have to say is that you are a genius. THAT’S ALL.

  11. Kelly S. on said:

    You are GOOD, Amber! That is such a clever way to make those banner stamps look 3D…awesome! The cards are so beautiful toooo!

  12. Amber thanks for sharing this idea! Never thought about masking from this angle but you have enlightened me! Thanks for sharing your awesome gift and inspiration!

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