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Foodie Classroom Valentines | Damask Love BlogI remember when I was in grade school and I would go to to store with my mom to pick out Valentine’s Day cards to pass out to my classmates. Today’s post is a little throw back to the cuteness of those classroom valentines…with a yummy foodie twist.

Clear & Simple has a ton of foodie themed stamps and sentiments, so I put them together to create a fun set valentine’s day cards that even grown ups will love. Use them alone or punch a hole to create a tag! Either way, cuteness will happen.

Foodie Classroom Valentines | Damask Love Blog

Ketchup & Mustard: {1} Foodie Fun {2} Foodie Fun Sentiments {3} Sweet Sentiments Holiday {4} Hearts Plus Background Stamps // Butter: {5}Foodie Fun {6} Foodie Fun Sentiments  //Gumballs: {7}Sweet Tooth {8}Sweet Tooth  // Popcorn: {9/10} Bucket o Popcorn //Chocolate Truffle: {11/12}Sweet Tooth // Tootsie Roll: {13/14}Sweet Tooth

Foodie Classroom Valentines | Damask Love Blog\ Foodie Classroom Valentines | Damask Love Blog

Foodie Classroom Valentines | Damask Love Blog

IMG_9330Alrighty, I’m off to bed for a little rest before I wake up for Day 2 of the Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show. It’s been awesome so far and if you arent’t following Damask Love on Instagram – do it now! I’m posting tons of photos throughout the day!





  1. janet on said:

    SO adorabel :)
    Glad you’re having fun at CHA!!

  2. Tessa on said:

    LOL that butter one is hilarious!

  3. Sheila H on said:

    So sweet and such fun! They are definitely a throwback to childhood valentines. I love the nostalgic flavor :) Have fun at CHA!!

  4. These are seriously too cute! Really love the butter one too. Hope you’re enjoying our sunny CA weather!

  5. Linda on said:

    Cute Amber! As always…

  6. F Bond on said:

    Simply adorable!

  7. Lisa Norstrom on said:

    Amber – these are so cute and they do remind me of those happy care-free days when we used to exchange valentines in school. I don’t know about you, but I used to love making the holders for our valentines. We would make some hideous looking “mailbox” thingy (paper plates were usually part of the supplies) and we’d secure it to the front of our desk with loads of tape and our name on the front eagerly waiting for that “special” valentine. What I wouldn’t give for a few of those retro valentines now to use in some of my cards today!!!

  8. Mary-Anne V. on said:

    adorable..these are so sweet and a wonderful holder too.

  9. Dorothy on said:

    Love them all!

  10. Kathy Mc on said:

    Amber, this are just adorable. How fun it was to receive all those Valentines when we were kids. Sweet!

  11. Amber, these are so super sweet! Love the cards AND the perfect packaging! Thanks for the inspiration!

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