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Little Love Valentine's Treat Bags | Damask Love BlogCrazytown, USA.

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That’s exactly where I am residing right about now. If I had to estimate, I’m averaging 4 hours of sleep each night this week and things are about to ramp up…in a good way. After traveling to Anaheim for CHA (updates on that coming soon), I’m leaving tomorrow for Salt Lake City where I’m gonna hang out with Cricut for a couple of days as they launch their newest product, then I’m heading to Alt Summit. Seriously. Someone give me a Red Bull IV.

Oh…and I forgot to mention: today I’m hosting a Valentine’s Day crafting party! Just in case there isn’t already enough going on. Truth is, I love being busy with this sort of stuff, so the sleep deprivation is just fine by me.

For today’s crafting party, a few friends are coming over to create simple, fun Valentine’s Day projects and I’ve got one to share with you in today’s post. The key to a crafting party is making sure the projects are not too complicated…but not so easy that they seem silly. I think this cute little treatbag fits the bill.

Little Love Valentine's Treat Bags | Damask Love BlogThis project starts with Party Favor 1 from Clear & Simple Stamps which is super versatile and a great favor die to own. I just used my scalloped edge blade to trim off a decorative edge, then used Shapes: Hearts to create the “O” in love.

Little Love Valentine's Treat Bags | Damask Love Blog Little Love Valentine's Treat Bags | Damask Love Blog


Little Love Valentine's Treat Bags | Damask Love BlogLittle Love Valentine's Treat Bags | Damask Love Blog

If you’re in the mood for more Valentinesing (yes, it’s a verb), you can visit me on Instagram today where I’ll be posting some of the photos of the party as it’s happening! In the meantime, tell me….are you a Valetine’s Day crafter? What are you making this year?

SupplyListHEaderParty Favor 1| Background Basics 1 | Uppercase Alpha DiesShapes: Hearts






  1. Jeanee on said:

    You are too much girl!

  2. Rae Ramses on said:

    Red Bull coming right up! LOL Thanks for giving me a head start on some Valentine treats to send to my nieces and nephews. I look forward to what you’ll report back from all you fun outings this week! :)

  3. janet on said:

    Adorable treat box, love the little “snips” at the side to anchor the twine. Have fun today, and safe travels :)

  4. Lorena on said:

    Adorable! Good luck with your super busy week. It was great to meet you in Anaheim :)

  5. Dirose on said:

    Good luck and again, thanks for all the adorable ideas. You are amazing.

  6. Gina Eggebrecht on said:

    I love the tip about using a hole punch to create “no-slip” notches for the twine. I have never seen that tip before – it’s a great one! Thanks!!! :) Totes adorbs (as the Disney Channel set would say) favor boxes!

  7. Lisa Norstrom on said:

    Cute treat box – if I have the time I plan on making heart shaped cut-out cookies and bagging them, I just bought some baking tag sentiments yesterday!! I am looking forward to seeing what you have to share about CHA – you are like a paper crafting rock star the way you are jetting all over the place!!!

  8. Dottie J on said:

    love that off-center heart serving as the O in love. Brilliant!

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