Corral the Chaos: How To Organize Your Baker’s Twine

Corral the Chaos: How to Organize Your Baker's Twine Spools

I have no business being around power tools. It is a recipe for lost appendages. The thought of a table saw makes me want to grab some gauze and a tourniquet. This is precisely why I am here to share some ideas for craftroom organization …sans power tools.

I’m not gonna lie – I am envious of other crafters with handmade cabinetry and storage with all sorts of fancy schmancy moulding and whatnot. It looks so purty. But let’s be honest, that is just not going to happen in this house. Unless the little man in the Ikea booklet is going to tell me how to assemble it – there is no construction happening in this home.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be bringing you my ideas for creating cute & functional organization for your craft supplies using your power-less tools.

First order of business, the pile of baker’s twine spools that took up residence in the middle of our floor. Very pretty to look at. Very messy. Very annoying to husbands who don’t quite understand the awesomeness of baker’s twine. One day, he will learn.


{1} Laser cut frame from Michaels – they carry several shapes and sizes of these awesome frames!

{2} 1″ Brass Plated Cup Hooks – you will need 10 of these for this project. I purchased mine at Home Depot in packages of 3.

{3} Square dowels. These are available at Home Depot in the same aisle as traditional circular dowels.

{4} 1/2″ circular dowels

{5} Small nails (not shown)

Additional Tools: Hammer, Hand saw, Spray Paint (optional)


{1} Saw the square dowel down to be slightly smaller than the width of the frame. If you do not own a saw, you can ask the nice people at Home Depot to do this for you and they usually are happy to help.

{2} Nail the square dowel into place as shown above.

{3} Spray paint the frame in any color you wish (optional)

{4} Screw the cup hooks into place on either side of the frame. I was able to do this with my hand and some elbow grease! You’ll want to measure the distance between each hook before screwing them into place , to be sure they are all even.

{5} Saw the circular dowels down to be slightly longer than the width of the frame opening. Slide dowels into place on the hooks and add spools of twine.

Organize Baker's Twine

Organize Baker's Twine Side View Close

Once you hang your frame on the wall, you’ll see just how useful those square dowels are to making this functional. Without the dowels on the back, the frame would be flush to the wall and the spools would not have room to rotate.

Organize Baker's Twine Side View

My twine rack does double-duty by also holding a few flat notecards and business cards that I can grab quickly when I need to.

Organize Baker's Twine Close

Oh…and before I go…did I mention how inexpensive this project was to create?!

Baker's Twine Rack Receipt

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this project along with your own craft supply organizational needs! What would you like to see in upcoming posts? Personally, I need something that will organize all my envelopes! They are all over the place!!!



  1. Love this! I’d love to see how you organize your dies.

    • amber on said:

      Laura! My dies are a HOT MESS! I need to come up with something to organize them, because the current “throw it in a basket” technique is just not working!

      • Alicia on said:

        I’m very new on the die scene. I knew that if the dies were not organized, I wouldn’t use them. I adapted storage ideas from a few people and the result works great for me. I bought a sturdy binder and some magnet strips. After 3-hole punching some cardstock, I taped the photo from the die packaging on the front of the paper. On the back is magnetic strips in a cross shape (or small pieces for shapeabilities). I have a few sections in my binder – nestabilities, shapeabilities, etc. .easy to find what I want and they all seem to be staying put.

  2. heather chabries on said:

    It’s so pretty! I love that the spools are removable, or can be used right on the wall. I like to see solutions for organizing pretty much everything. Right now my adhesive collection is a hot mess. Glues, glue pens, glue dots, foam dimensionals, tapes, tape runners, xyrons, plus all the refills, gaaaahhh! And you know we need them ALL. (At least most of them, anyway…)

    • amber on said:

      AMEN! You’d think that at a point, you’d feel like you have enough adhesive…NOT ME! I could reattach a car bumper with all the adhesives in my craftroom!

  3. Loving this!! I just saw that frame at Michael’s today!! I love what you did with this! And, man—all that twine. It’s so perfectly rolled up. What’s your trick for that?

    • amber on said:

      I actually took this photos right after i removed the spools from the box so they were brand new. Now that I’ve used some its not nearly as neat, but it still looks pretty.

    • Debra on said:

      I’d use the frame design openings near the end to corral the end of the bakers twine.

  4. Sonja on said:

    Love the spool organiser!! Would love to see an envelope storage!!!!

    • amber on said:

      I think I’m going to tackle envie storage next! Good to know I’m not the only one who needs to corral the chaos of envelopes.

  5. Tammy on said:

    Well aren’t u just Nelly Snelly good. Look at u and your fancy twine holder. LOL I am loving it. Keep it comin baby.

    • amber on said:

      HAA! Nelly Snelly? Can that please be my new nickname?

  6. Barbara T. on said:

    AWESOME, would like to see how do you organize your dies and stamps

    • amber on said:

      I wish I could say that I have an amazingly creative way of storing my stamps…but I don’t! Definitely on the list of projects to tackle!

  7. June K on said:

    So pretty, Amber. What a great way to display the twine. Mine are all bunched up in a plastic drawer.

    • amber on said:

      Ahhh – the ol’ ‘jam-it-in-a-drawer” technique! I know it well…very very well.

  8. Dottie J on said:

    Very clever, Amber. Love the way you see unique possibilities in raw materials. I saw those adorable frames too, and couldn’t come up with one single thing to use it for. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • amber on said:

      I was the same way! I actually bought this frame months ago with no plan for it …just thought it was pretty. Eventually this idea came to me!

  9. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) on said:

    This is darling! I’d love a way to be able to organize the RIDICULOUS amount of embellishments I have so that I can find just what I’m looking for.

    • amber on said:

      OMG! You are reading my mind. I cannot TELL you how many adhesive rhinestones I have found stuck to the sheets in our bed. Something must be done about these runaway embellishments, RIGHT!

  10. Sue D on said:

    This is such a pretty way to store twine!

    • amber on said:

      Pretty & Functional – a win, win, right!? LOL!

  11. Sue McRae on said:

    What a fun and pretty way to store twine!

  12. Great idea to keep twine on hand. Pretty decor to color your room, too. Thanks for sharing. I am going to to have to make one.

    • amber on said:

      YEAH! Don’t you love that you get to enjoy all the prettiness of the twine without hiding it in a drawer!

  13. Jami S on said:

    Very clever and such a pretty result!

  14. Bridget Weed on said:

    Too cute! Functional & elegant at the same time! Gotta go get some of those frames.

    • amber on said:

      Go get one! They have a ton of different styles to choose from.

  15. Fabulous project. I love how inexpensive yet stylish it is. Can’t wait to see all the other ideas you have to share.
    All the best,

    • amber on said:

      Inexpensive is always the best option!! thanks for your comment!!

  16. This is a fabulous idea! Love it! It looks so easy and oh so cute.

  17. Jess B. on said:

    Fabulous idea – Not much of a twine gal but love this idea – clean and organized. TFS

    • amber on said:

      Jess – one of the Damask Love Facebook followers just suggested that this could be a great way to organize washi tape! So – if twine isn’t your thing, there are definitely other options!

  18. Looove your creativity and this way-too-cute project. Love DIY, too, and all that yummy baker’s twine from The Twinery! Kinda crushing on your blog and blog design, too!

    • amber on said:

      Thanks, Monika! I wish I could take credit for the blog design! I worked with some majorly talented folks to get this done. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  19. Loly Borda on said:

    What a lovely idea Amber, it’s not only functional but super pretty as well. thanks for sharing your awesome ideas. I’d like to see a DIY way to organize my ink pads. Thanks again! Love all you do.

  20. conil on said:

    Good lord girl, you’re so clever. Come to my house and organize my craft room please.

  21. maria f. on said:

    Gorgeous, inexpensive, easy to use – what more could one ask for? Great idea Amber.
    Maybe I only have this problem since I’m so cheap – but what do you do with little scraps of paper and die cuts (the positive when you’re using the negative, etc)? They collect in a pile on my ironing board and I’m constantly moving the pile from right to left and back again…

    • amber on said:

      GIRL! That is not called cheap! That is called resourceful and I am right there with you! I always save the paper after die cutting. It comes in handy when I’m making die cuts of small shapes and need just a small scrap of paper. I like the idea of coming up with an easily accessible way to organize small scraps. My wheels are spinning on that one.

      • Dottie J on said:

        well this isn’t perfect but it works for me. I have two bins about 8×10. Think shallow dish pan from the plastics aisle. They actually fit on ‘inbox’ style stacking paper trays from an office supply store. One bin is labeled Paper and one is labeled Cardstock. They live behind the closed doors of a fairly accessible cabinet near my workspace. I just throw them in the right bin, no color sorting or size sorting. I do use them in cards, but my grandson also knows that anything in those bins is fair game for punching. He loves to play with my hand punches and make a big mess on the floor.

  22. Dixie on said:

    You “nailed” this! Well done! Keep the ideas coming! I like storage solutions that don’t include plastic.

  23. Jee T. on said:

    Gosh, I am ever-inspired by every post you have on your blog! Love, love, love!!!!

  24. DebHam on said:

    Amber – I’m fairly new to following you, but I must say “You ROCK!”. Your posts lately have just been amazing and this one does not fail. Can’t wait to try this is weekend!

  25. Barb Ghigliotty on said:

    Hi Amber,
    I really love this idea! I’m so glad it’s cheap and easy, too!
    In your response to the first post, you said your dies are a HOT MESS! Well, I finally broke down and bought the Artbin magnetic storage (for wafer/thin dies) and I LOVE it! I got mine here:
    If you do a google search, lots of places carry them.
    I keep my envelopes in a large storage box, labeled by size, then color…I would love to see more of your clever ideas. Thanks so much for sharing this with us :-)

  26. You are a genius, girl!! I have no wall-space left in my tiny crafting corner, otherwise, I’d be all over this project!

  27. Melissa on said:

    This is so amazingly cute and the perfect pretty display for your Baker’s twine!

  28. Lisa on said:

    What a great, and good-looking, idea! Thanks! “Pinned”

  29. This is getting pinned! Love it and can’t wait to make one! I only have a couple spools of twine (the rest are samplers, so not on a spool), but could fill it up with my ever-growing collection of washi tape! Thanks for sharing your genious-ness (word?) with us! I’m looking for the “perfect” containers for 6×6 paper pad storage…any ideas on that one?

  30. Darlene Satkewich on said:

    What a clever and beautiful solution for twine storage! Can’t wait for your envelope solution! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  31. Latrice on said:

    This is super cool! I just saw you were on the retreat list. I hope you can make it. I’d love to meet you.

  32. WaiSam on said:

    Hi Amber, i Love this awesome idea :) one of the best idea I have ever seen for organizing twines. I wonder if it fits bigger spool of twines? Might be too heavy eh? Would love to see how you organize your scraps and embellies :)

    • amber on said:

      I’m sure you could design something that could hold larger spools of twine, you may need to choose thicker dowels and larger cup hooks. You’d also likely need to get larger square dowels that increase the distance between the wall and you spools. I say give it a try!

  33. Paulette on said:

    Man, that sure is pretty! I wish I had a pile of twine on rolls. LOL Just so I could make this storage frame. But I’m hopelessly cheap. I’ve got to stop buying stamps and dies, so I can have some fun accessories. Keep up the good work. I’m loving these tutorials.

  34. Karen L K on said:

    That is so creative and darn cute. What a great idea!!

  35. Karen L K on said:

    By the way great instructions too!

  36. Lin M. on said:

    What a lovely way to store twine – you are so creative! I love that it was inexpensive too!
    My organizational need? I have become quite the punch-a-holic so I need a better way to store punches. Currently they are laying in drawers where I can see each one (not stacked) but that is beginning to take up a lot of drawer space. I have started a binder with pages showing which punches I have so I can easily look through them to see the different designs when I want to create a border or something.

  37. Lori Prince on said:

    What an awesome project! Your directions are fabulous!

  38. Pai on said:


  39. Kathy H on said:

    It’s beautiful and so clever of you! Thanks for showing us how.

  40. Janet on said:

    Absolutely brilliant :)

  41. Janet Ang on said:

    So who won the Fiskars Fuse? I would live to see how you organize your punches and bigger tools

  42. Serine on said:

    This is so awesome and beautiful! Amber,you are one truly innovative and talented crafter! You are my biggest inspiration in the blog world of crafting! :-) I’ve been following your blog for over a year now and you inspired me to start my on blog about card making just recently. So, THANK YOU! I look forward to see more of your organizational ideas. Hugs, from a “cardmaking junkie” (that’s what my husband calls me!) from Sweden :-)

  43. B. S. Gallant on said:

    This idea is absolutely genius!! I’m going to see what I can come up with to make my own. Thanks

  44. Kathy Mc on said:

    Amber, this is totally awesome. Appreciate you sharing all the details. Of course if I make one, then I need to buy spools because right now I’ve just been using twine samplers. : ) TFS!

  45. jay c jay on said:

    I have seen that frame in Michaels. Never thought it could be used for nothing more than a frame …You are so crafty.

  46. Judy on said:

    First time I have visited your blog and glad I did. Lots of great ideas here. Thanks for sharing!

  47. Fantastic idea! I don’t have full spools of bakers twine but this is both beautiful and practical!

  48. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox
    and now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Thanks a lot!

    • amber on said:

      Unfortunately, I do not have access to this service so I’m unable to keep you from receiving the notification

  49. Roseanna on said:

    Brilliant…thanks for sharing!

  50. rkokes on said:

    thanks for the wonderful idea-this got made today! :) one question-seems like the dowels fall out of the hooks really easily. how do you keep that from happening??

    • amber on said:

      On my rack, I cut the dowels to extend about 1″ beyond the hooks. This helps from having the slide out. HTH!

    • Sheri on said:

      You can buy those colored rubber end caps at Home Depot or Menard’s type stores. They carry different sizes for different circumferences of dowels! They work great!

  51. Stacy on said:

    That is seriously adorable! I need something to organize my twine but I can’t be trusted around power tools! This is going to the top of my to do list. Thanks!

  52. Erin R. on said:

    Love this. I think that I might use your square dowel back idea with this frame but then add some chick wire (or something similar) and create some lovely earring storage too.

  53. Shellie on said:

    Wow, love it! I don’t use twine but this makes me want to go out and buy some.

  54. Rachel on said:

    BEAUTIFUL! I’m not into twine, have no wall space in my craft/mess room, but will have to make one of these and find a use for it. Thanks for the easy peasy tutorial.

  55. Christine on said:

    Came this way thru Paper Boutique. So glad I did. Your idea is simply beautiful. So many possibilities to go with this idea. Thank you for posting. I will be following your blog.

  56. Veronica on said:

    This is sheer genious! I JUST bought those from Michael’s on a crazy sale (99 cents). I dont have twine but I have a billion rolls of washi tape. I assume the same idea could apply? going to do it this weekend. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  57. Lawrie on said:

    Love! I am going to make one to hold my washi tape!

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  59. Melinda on said:

    Amber, I can never get enough of your clever ideas! Bought the supplies and will put two together next week! One for me and one for my daughter. Thanks so much for sharing, sweetie!
    Winter Bear Trading

  60. Nancy on said:

    I think this idea is awesome!! I’m thinking beyond the box here… how about a picture frame of whatever size needed to place on the wall next to the toilet holding 4-6 rolls of toilet paper??? :)
    Thanks for sharing your darling idea!!

  61. Cherie on said:

    This is going to be my Dirty Santa (Clean Santa) gift this year for our demonstrator Christmas party. I am so excited. Do you buy your Baker’s Twine somewhere special? I get it at Whisker graphics, but it’s a bit pricey. I don’t want to fill the rack at $12 a spool.

    • amber on said:

      Check out the Gift Guide link at the top of the blog! There is a coupon code inside for 50% off baker’s twine from!!!

  62. sylviec on said:

    Très bonne idée, facile à réaliser

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  65. I really think this is my kind of style…I am going to get the largest frame and use it for sewing and embroidery thread. Thanks so much. Have a great day<

  66. Girl Bow on said:

    For a play such as that i think an individual did a great job.

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