Design Inspired: DIY Beaded Glass Gifts

DIY Beaded Glass Gifts | Damask Love BlogThis is a meaty post. Settle in.

Last week, I had a serious creative slump. Zero ideas and zero motivation. Whenever that happens, I know that I’ll eventually find inspiration somewhere.

Welp – inspiration struck while I was doing some shopping at Anthropologie. As much as I love their clothing, I am always drawn to their home decor and accessories. This time around, I spotted an adorable beaded glass candle and like a true DIY-er, I thought, “I wonder if I could make that.” Turns out, it’s totally DIY-able.

DIY Beaded Glass Gifts | Damask Love Blog

{1} Martha Stewart Gloss Spray Medium (included in the Glass Spray Paint Kit)

{2} Martha Stewart Paint Sprayer (included in the Glass Spray Paint Kit)

{3} A glass tumbler. I picked mine up in a set of six at Target.

{4} Transparent Gloss Glass Paint in your choice of color

{5} Transparent Gloss Paint in “Crystal Clear”
DIY Beaded Glass Gifts | Damask Love Blog

{1} Wipe the glass with alcohol swab to clean the surface.

{2} Ok…this step requires some explaining, but it’s very easy. To make it easier to apply the paint and to avoid smudges, I created a simple mechanism for holding the glass in place. Place three skewers/dowels/sticks into a styrofoam block, then place the glass over the sticks.  I also added two strips of painter’s tape to the inside of the glass to use as a guide for keeping my lines straight.

{3} Apply dots of paint using the Crystal Clear Glass Paint

{4} Once you’ve applied the pattern of dots, allow the glass to dry for at least 24 hours. The paint will dry clear. DIY Beaded Glass Gifts | Damask Love Blog{1} Add 1 part transparent paint to the bottle included in the glass paint kit

{2} To the transparent paint, add 1 part gloss paint medium to the bottle included in the glass paint kit

{3} Shake the contents of the bottle until they are well mixed, then screw on the paint sprayer and spray paint your beaded glass project. Alternatively, you can simply spray your glass with traditional white spray paint for a different look.

DIY Beaded Glass Gifts | Damask Love Blog

DIY Beaded Glass Gifts | Damask Love Blog


DIY Beaded Glass Gifts | Damask Love Blog


Pretty packaging is my thing and I always try to give you the “front-to-finish” vision for the projects I post. That way you can at least see my thoughts on how these could be presented as gifts.

For my beaded glass projects, I’ve got two ideas for gifting…

First a card and tag that coordinate beautifully with the floral arrangement and white beaded glass vase. I love how the chalkboard look on the card coordinates with the black and white ribbon on the vase.

DIY Beaded Glass Gifts | Damask Love Blog

DIY Beaded Glass Gifts | Damask Love Blog


For the second presentation idea, I created a candle and added a simple, stamped circle to the top for a professional, finished look. The translucency of the glass works perfectly with the candle since the glow of the flame will come through the glass. I’m loving how this turned out!DIY Beaded Glass Gifts | Damask Love Blog

Did you make it to the end? Which finish is your fave?!


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  1. LOVE! Everything about it. But the packaging is my favourite – especially the little cover on the top of the candle!

  2. For someone with no mojo, you’ve certainly turned it around! Love this Amber. Would be great for a Christmas gift with the beads in gold or silver!

  3. June K on said:

    Love how the pink candle packaging came out — all of it especially the stamped circle piece on top of the candle.

  4. Clare Buswell on said:

    SO pretty, love both finishes! Fabulous job!

  5. Dottie J on said:

    This is a really cool technique, Amber. I’m thinking Christmas ornaments!

  6. Rhonda H on said:

    I don’t believe no Mojo is a problem Amber. Especially when you always come back strong. Love this sweet project. The candle packaging is genius.

  7. Sue B on said:

    Love, love the pink one. I would like to know what stamp set the sentiment on the chalkboard is from, though.

    • amber on said:

      Hey Sue! The sentiment on the card is from Papertrey Ink’s Natural Beauties stamp set. I don’t remember whether this was a limited edition set. The scrolls on the top and bottom of the sentiment are from Papertrey Ink’s Half & Half stamp set which I know is part of their regular lineup.

  8. Dana N on said:

    I’m loving the white spray painted glass – it totally looks like milk glass (which I’m in love with at the moment). I will definitely be giving this a try.

    • Jayne on said:

      Now we know who the seilsbne one is here. Great post!

  9. Nadya on said:

    you are soooo creative and talented… they are beautiful

  10. Bonnie on said:

    Ok, I like yours waaay better than the Anthro one. The pinkish tinge is beautiful. Didn’t know that making this was a possibility. Very cool.

  11. i swear your blog post are better than a magazine! just absolutely LOVE this!!! thank you so much!

  12. Barb Ghigliotty on said:

    Oh, Amber…what a great idea! You took that lack of mojo and created the most beautiful projects…my fave is the pink one! Thanks so much for sharing the details with us!

  13. SKREEEEECH!!! This is so fabulous! And it looks so easy to do … I wonder if I could do this in a class setting? I think some of my besties would love getting them as a gift, but I wonder if some ladies at the church might like to do this as a Ladies Night out? Wow! Thanks so much for this post! ~ Celia

    • amber on said:

      I considered this as a project for the upcoming Damask Love Live class, but since they paint needs at least a day to dry I don’t think it would work. You could definitely split this into two sessions though!

  14. Chris C on said:

    I LOVE this!!! LOVE…LOVE…LOVE!!! They are so pretty! I especially love the white one!

  15. Pamela A on said:

    You are good! Both are beautiful projects, the pink is my favorite – the packing, love that little paper ring on top and I could just see this with the candle lit. BEAUTIFUL!

  16. Stefanie on said:

    WoW! you did a beautiful job with this project. It may be a bit tedious for me but painting glass keeps calling me :) This project could push me over the top ! I have to say that I love both projects and they would make wonderful gifts.

  17. Bridget Weed on said:

    Woot! Woot! Beautiful! I love them both. I saw your in-progress photo on Instagram of the milk glass look. I thought it was gorge. Now that I’ve seen the transparent one, I’m loving it, too! I will be making these soon. Great job.

  18. Adoree on said:

    One of a kind…You are!!!!!
    That is soooo Awesome….what a great post

  19. GinaE on said:

    Holy freaking cow. No wonder Martha loves you. This makes me ready to go buy all the stuff. And I totally will once “craft day” is set with my friend Summer. Awesomesauce!!!

  20. DonnaC on said:

    Love, love, love this tutorial! I’ve seen faux milkglass tutorials before but never the gorgeous translucent colors you created. Definitely going on my to-do list! Love the bouquet, but that candle is perfect for gifts! :)

  21. janelle on said:

    These are awesome!!! I’m so trying this. Love the candle top!

  22. Kate P on said:

    This is so amazing! Anthropologie always has beautiful candles in amazing scents and designs, but like you I don’t think $30 for a candle is a reasonable price. This DIY is definitely on my to -do list now!

  23. Kathy H on said:

    Who knew you could make those glass pieces at home? Awesome! I love both of them but pink is my favorite so….

  24. Eboness Belin on said:

    How did i Miss this!!!!!!! amazing….you are so funny girl. love this and will absolutely do a cupboard check tonight to see who the casualty, I mean subjects will be. ha!!

  25. Mandy on said:

    I have all of these supplies from winning a giveaway and I just never knew what to do with it all so it has sat untouched in my craft room. Now i know the potential!!!
    Small Fine Print

  26. Di on said:

    Martha has the best products. I love the etching cream, I love the crackle and her paints.

  27. Neesey on said:

    Love this tutorial. My daughter wants to paint some glass lamps. This will help. Both of these projects are adorable. The white one reminds me of the old milk glass….but the pink is my fav. The topper of the candle is brilliant! TFS

  28. This is absolutely adorable. I am in love I have to try this OMG. Thanks for much for sharing I loved all the meat of details.

  29. Deb on said:

    sooo cool!! I esp. love that B&W ribbon
    how do you avoid making the dots pointy? they are so nice and round.

  30. Rochelle on said:

    I collect vintage hobnail and this idea is really well done! Good job!

  31. Tamia on said:

    Can you make the beaded look by using a different paint? I want to make something similar to your white vase version for mother’s day, but the glass paint isn’t available to me.

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