Easy Paper Punch Flowers

Easy Paper Punch Flowers | Damask Love BlogThere are a million tutorials out there on how to create paper flowers.

Welcome to tutorial #1,000,001.

I promise to make it worth your while.

All the flowers in today’s post can be created with paper punches, which you may just own – and if you don’t, just come over to my house. I’ll  be starring in the pilot episode of Paper Punch Hoarders…yeah…that’s how many paper punches I’ve got up in here. Not normal.

By using paper punches, these flowers are easy and doable, without a bunch of specialized equipment. They are also easy to mass produce since you don’t have to spend your life cranking a die-cutting machine.

Mmkay. Nuff talking. Time for flowers!

Easy Paper Punch Flowers | Damask Love Blog


Aren’t they so yummylicious? Here’s how to make each one…

Easy Paper Punch Flowers | Damask Love Blog


Fiskars Extra Large Squeeze Punch | Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors
Easy Paper Punch Flowers | Damask Love Blog


Fiskars Extra Large Squeeze Punch

Easy Paper Punch Flowers | Damask Love Blog Easy Paper Punch Flowers | Damask Love Blog


Marvy Large Oval Punch | Fiskars Squeeze Punch Oval
Easy Paper Punch Flowers | Damask Love Blog


EK Success Scallop Circle Punch | Marvy Daisy Craft Punch

Easy Paper Punch Flowers | Damask Love Blog Easy Paper Punch Flowers | Damask Love Blog


EK Success Scallop Circle Punch | Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors

Easy Paper Punch Flowers | Damask Love Blog


Fiskars Extra Large Squeeze Punch


Easy Paper Punch Flowers | Damask Love Blog


Which flower is your fave?!  If you join me on Facebook or Instagram today – I’ll be posting close-up shots of each bloom so you can see a bit more detail!



  1. Anne on said:

    Love this post. Brilliant. TFS.

  2. Caryn on said:

    These are gorgeous – I think I probably have all those punches too!!
    Caryn x

  3. Urska on said:

    This is excellent!
    I love the ideas and the photo tutorial is very comprehensive and clear. Love it, thank you for another lovely idea!

  4. Sue B on said:

    Truly fabulous! I love visiting here. I always am inspired and learn something. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Jennie P. on said:

    OMG!!! Love this. It’s fabulous. Just sayin’.

  6. conil on said:

    Okay, very helpful post.Love the poppy and daisy…of course, they’re my favorite real flowers too.

  7. your tutes are awesome.
    these flowers are awesome.
    YOU are awesome.
    the end.

  8. Great post! You put a lot of work into these flowers and it shows! Fantastic <3

  9. Lin M. on said:

    This is a fabulous tutorial! The way you listed everything step-by-step I might even be able to make these pretty flowers. :) Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  10. Bonnie on said:

    Great tutorial! You explain everything so clearly. Will be making some of these for sure. Love the anemone and the daisy.

  11. Pamela A on said:

    I only wish I could see your punch collection. I’m loving the peony, zinnia and ranunculus. You’re right – GREAT Tutorial (as always).

  12. Ritu on said:

    very nicely presented! thanks for the tutorial.

  13. Troy Louise on said:

    Very nice! Love them all, though am particularly partial to the light pink one. Thanks so much for the great tutorial.

  14. Lynne on said:

    Just found your site. What can I say but WOW ! ! ! and I thought I needed those fancy punches…

    • amber on said:

      YAY! Always great to hear from a new reader! Don’t you love how easy these are? No fancy punches necessary:-)

  15. Barb Ghigliotty on said:

    Just picturing you starring in a show about hoarding punches…too funny!
    Thanks so much for the tutorial…I didn’t realize that I already have everything I need :-)

  16. Dottie J on said:

    Oh Amber, this is WAAAAY COOL!!! Love it!

  17. Debra J Lovell on said:

    Wow! Thanks for the tips…I love flowers and yours are beautiful!! “Happy Spring”

  18. Mary on said:

    How generous of you to share all this great information! Thank you!
    – from a fellow punch-hoarder! (Truly- an all raft supply hoarder!)

  19. janet on said:

    A-MAZING!!, Amber – brilliant post :)

  20. faith on said:

    Thank you so much for sharing these ideas. I’m so glad I found your site.

  21. Lauren on said:

    Amber! I absolutely love your flower tutorials. Thank you so much for sharing.

  22. Susan Todd on said:

    Have I told you lately that I love you?? AMAZE BALLS!!!!

  23. This is absolutely awesome and I’m tickled pink that you shared it with us!

    THANK YOU Amber!!

    PS: I also love the video and cards you created to share in the HIS and HERS class!! Fantastic and a big hit!

  24. Loly Borda on said:

    This post is a ‘must keep’, I’m sure I’ll be making your flowers over and over. TFS your creativity and talents.

  25. Kathy H on said:

    This is awesome! Yay for you!

  26. Megan on said:

    these are gorgeous! do you use cardstock weight for all of the paper? where do you get your paper?

    • amber on said:

      I purchase my paper from several sources – one of my favorites is Paper Presentation. They have a huge collection of cardstock colors and weights. For these flowers, 80lb works nicely. Any heavier and it become difficult to manipulate the paper. HTH!

  27. This was so easy to learn and very beautiful. You should consider making a book about how to craft different paper flowers. Hope you share more in the future.

  28. Cristina on said:

    As usual, blowing my mind. Man alive, girl!

  29. So beautiful. I agree that you could make a brilliant book on making paper flowers.

  30. Helen G. on said:

    Amber, you are my rock star!! I love learning from you, so crafty!

  31. Carol on said:

    One of if not THE best flower tutes I’ve found. Thanks for sharing. Pinning.

  32. Jusa on said:

    Gorgeous! I love the fact that you created these based on real flowers, and not simply generic “flowers.” I think sometimes we lose touch with how beautiful real flowers are. These are a refreshing interpretation of “reality.” Nice clear tutorial. Also, I don’t think having a good supply of tools can be called hoarding. Really. Not when you create works of art as beautiful as these.

  33. Vivian Ramos on said:

    I love making paper flowers. All your tips and methods to create them are fantastic. Thousands of thanks for this tutoring.

  34. Carina on said:

    Thanks for all these tips. Flowers that last forever, gotta be a good thing.

  35. Betty on said:

    Thanks for the tip to reuse all my punches for new flower projects. Time to multi-task all those punches!

  36. jet on said:

    wooow this is lovely and pretty, and so smart to use those tools. I never had thought of that.
    But those tools aren’t made for me, they always break after a week.LOL I think it’s my not so handy movements in my hands.
    so i think i can make them as well with a siccors.
    Thank you for the sharing and the great tutes. I’m greatful.
    Have a fun happy crafting weekend and enjoy your flowers;-D
    I will.XD

  37. Thank you for sharing this beautiful flower tutorial! I shared with my readers as a mothers day gift idea!

  38. Lots of great tips, thanks Amber! Just shared the link over at the All Things Paper FB page.

  39. Lei on said:

    Pure genius! Thank you so much!

  40. Beth Murphy on said:

    Well Done…..and thanks so much for sharing….u r Blessed

  41. Rachel Brooks on said:

    You are so creative. Thanks for sharing these great flowers with us.

  42. Valerie on said:

    Wow! Amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  43. Gee on said:

    Just when I decided to do Christmas in July projects
    I spotted these beautiful flowers. Definitely
    Going into my idea drawer, on my Craft Cabinet APP!
    Absolutely beautiful !

  44. Amy D on said:

    You are TOO CUTE & SASSY!!!!! I just stumbled upon your blog when I pinned your tutorial on punching flowers! What a delight! You are too cool! And talented! I love your blog, down to earth tips, and creativity! I may have to order your “calendar” stamps just because of your video! I don’t normally post comments, but had to compliment you! A very welcoming & creative site! Thank you! Amy

    • amber on said:

      Well are you just too fun & sweet! Thanks for taking the time to write out this comment. I’m so happy you are enjoying your time on the blog and I hope you’ll keep on coming back!

  45. barbara lassiter on said:

    Thanks so much! This is very helpful and gives so many options. Who knew my collection of circle punches had all those flowers inside??? :)

  46. These flowers are wonderful! I came here from Paper Crafts Connection and want to say thank you for sharing all these wonderful steps! I also find that wetting the paper or card stock makes it quite strong when it dries. I, too, have LOTS of punches – wonderful tools huh? Thank you so much!

  47. Jeanette land on said:

    I absolutely Love your flowers, they are beautiful. I also have punches and.I am definitely going to make these. Thank you very much for the stunning tutorial, Jeanette Land

  48. Dana Joy on said:

    Great tutorials on how to make flowers. All of them are gorgeous!

    • kathy ulatowski on said:

      My favorite flower is the rose. I would name this project “Flower Garden Door Hanging”. I am goinf to make one and give it to friends. I also think it would look great as a wall hanging.

  49. pat donalson on said:

    love making flowers and yours are great

  50. Cathy Crisman on said:

    My favorite flower is the piece lily.
    I have had the same one for the last 20yrs.
    Its very big now.

  51. Dawn Leinberger on said:

    I live the scent of wisteria but I’ve really started liking peonies.

  52. Cory Boyce on said:

    Of the pictured flowers I would say the daisy are my fav. As for my favorite flower it would be a plumira. They are very elegant and smell amazing. Always remind me of Maui…

  53. Beautiful! One of the best (and prettiest) tutorials I’ve seen on building paper flowers.

  54. These are so beautiful I will try to make some of them. Need a few punches. Thanks for shring.

  55. aida on said:

    Would like to buy paper puncher

  56. Tanvi on said:

    Beautiful Flowers.. and very well explained..

  57. Thanks for finally talking about >Damask Loove | craft is in session <Liked it!

  58. thank you so very much! I am 82 yrs. old , need the help! Very much précis tend……

  59. Marjie on said:

    Thank you for the great tutorials. I really appreciate you sharing this.

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